Even PCA are not keen on Vista

  anchor 12:43 12 Apr 2008

In a recent review even PCA cannot find a good reason to upgrade to Vista.

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I`m sticking with XP.

  Forum Editor 16:19 12 Apr 2008

I'm definitely sticking with Vista.

  pchelper001 16:29 12 Apr 2008

I agree FE, Vista is perfect for me. It has all the things i ever need in it. Anchor if you are considering vista, i would recommend it.

  anchor 16:33 12 Apr 2008

FE: Yes, it may be just one persons view, but being published by PCA does make it more authoritative. I wish you & pchelper001 happiness with Vista, but personally I will avoid it as long as possible.

Why?; firstly it costs too much. Secondly, drivers are still not available for some of hardware. Thirdly, it seems some of my useful older software programmes possibly will not run satisfactorily, and finally I would really need more RAM to run Vista efficiently. XP runs fine on 1mb.

This all adds up to a lot of expense I can ill afford. XP works fine for me, and is as stable as the Rock of Gibraltar.

  anskyber 16:38 12 Apr 2008

Have you tried it?

No I thought not. I read the article and I thought it was a very ordinary piece. Whether it appears in PCA or not gives it no more authority than any other persons view.

I also thought the conclusions did not follow his own evidence. He did not conclude anything more than in his opinion he would not change, rather different from your thread headline of PCA not liking it.

  anskyber 16:59 12 Apr 2008

The date of the article on the web is 25th March; indeed I read it on that day.

What is the incentive to buy the magazine when the article does not appear until the June edition? Not for the first time the fee paying customers are getting things after the free web site.

  anchor 17:17 12 Apr 2008

anskyber: I did not say that the writer did not like it, rather, he was not keen on it. Not quite the words he used, but certainly I felt it was implied. No, I have not tried it, and not having money to waste, at this stage am unlikely to do so.

I disagree that an article in a specialist magazine, (being on computers, gardening, or motoring), does not carry weight. One expects that the contributors are experienced in their field, and thus their opinion is worthy of serious consideration. Otherwise, why should we buy such publications?.

By the way, the June edition of PCA popped through my letterbox this morning.

  anskyber 17:27 12 Apr 2008

Given my previous post your question is more than rhetorical.

Any article only carries the weight of the writer, unless the magazine in question decides to give it the weight by endorsing the opinion.

It is for that reason many make the simple mistake of thinking anything in magazines represent an authoritative statement of a wide body of opinions. To do so completely misunderstands the role and indeed the function of magazines.

After all our own FE who's views and opinions I respect has reached a different conclusion.

Anarchy in PCA Towers (?) of course not, its just one opinion against another.

  anskyber 17:36 12 Apr 2008

The writer of the piece says about Vista and peripherals,

" connecting every (note every) new device is a bit of a risk"

What complete claptrap. Some older bits of kit may not have Vista drivers but to judge "every" new device in such a manner is seriously misguided and I should welcome Randall Kennedy's evidence authority for such a silly remark.

  J B 17:42 12 Apr 2008

The has a thread on their forums entitled Vista v XP PC Advisors Slant click here Not a whole lot different than the opinions here and they sight the same article as you. J.B.

  Forum Editor 18:08 12 Apr 2008

about whether or not a writer's opinions are to be respected because they appear in a magazine - I might find my own articles being similarly dissected...........

The fact is - and it cannot be denied - Vista hasn't exactly been a runaway success. Computers and the software that runs on them have become very much more sophisticated, and computer users expect a lot nowadays. That means each new release is looked at in the context of the very high standards prevailing. A new operating system release is a mammoth undertaking, and involves a huge amount of both money and time - Vista cost several billion dollars and took over five years in all.

It's not s perfect science, and nobody should get the idea that it's simply a matter of spending enough time ironing out the bugs before release - it's not that easy. There are millions of different possibilities in terms of software and hardware configurations, and no beta cycle, no matter how exhaustive, can possibly check everything. The Vista beta programme was unprecendented, involving hundreds of thousands of testers over two years - I know, I was one of those testers. In common with others I put Vista through all kinds of hoops, and wrote thousands of words in the special Microsoft beta newsgroups. By the end of it all I was happy with the software, and of course I knew it pretty well. It runs on all my computers bar two (one has Windows XP and one is an Apple Mac), and I'm very happy with it.

That's my opinion, and it - like others - is based on personal experience. Pro Vista? Of course I am, and in view of what I've justb written you can probably understand why. I felt much the same about Windows XP when it first saw the light of day, and for much the same reasons - I was a beta tester for that, too. XP came in for its share of criticism at the time - mainly because of the (then) revolutionary activation procedure, but it has stood the test of time.

Will Vista have a similar story? I doubt it, but we'll see. There's a new Windows version
beginning to take shape, somewhere deep in the Microsoftb development campus, but let's not go there just now. It will be a while before that hits the streets, and in the meantime let's all use the operating system that suits us - forget about which one is the best, and concentrate on which one is best for you.

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