Epspn C42+ and Vista

  nickhick 11:33 24 Sep 2007

Cannot get my inkjet printer to work with Vista. I tried loading the drivers, including the Status monitor and the result was nothing - strangely UNLIKE other USB devices, the computer does not respond when I plug in the printer.
All other USB devices have usually elicited a response from the computer but not with my USB printer.
Naturally, I have uninstalled the drivers each time and then tried again. I have even tried 'Add new printer' but this eventually results in a 'try locating new device/port' or something to this effect, but nothing happens!

  IntoPCs 14:36 24 Sep 2007

Have you tried the drivers on the Epson website?:
click here

  IntoPCs 14:38 24 Sep 2007

I seem to remember when I had an Epson USB printer I had to load all the drivers before plugging in the printer or things didn't work (and that was on XP)

  IntoPCs 14:42 24 Sep 2007

I should have looked closer at the webpage - there are no Vista drivers! The newest driver on the site for your printer is 2004 - looks like Epson can't be bothered updating for Vista. Could be time for a new printer!

  malcolme 14:57 24 Sep 2007

This is what i did for my C48 and it worked.
Put driver disc in pc - do not run - plug in printer and let pc install the drivers itself.

  nickhick 14:57 24 Sep 2007

Precisely! I am therefore thinking of a new printer providing they are out there.

  nickhick 15:13 24 Sep 2007

Malcome. What do you mean by 'do not run'? Do you mean put in CD-ROM and then install the appropriate driver and then connect printer and switch on?

  malcolme 15:23 24 Sep 2007

Put in the cd - if it asks you to install software click cancel.
Connect printer and switch on.
It should then automatically look for drivers.

  miamia 15:36 06 Feb 2008

I have just purchased a new laptop with Vista OS, and had the same trouble with my printer. I downloaded however the printer driver for XP (as there are no Vista drivers)off the epson website and it works fine.

So definitely try this as it worked for me.

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