E-mail with Vista Home Premium

  Jacton 09:21 01 Apr 2007

I asked on the beginners website how I get e-mail using Vista Home Premium. My existing e-mail is with Outlook Express, how do I retreive and retain my existing e-mail account. Or do I have to set up a new account with a new e-mail address.

I am very confused and unsure how to go about it

any help please

  anskyber 09:57 01 Apr 2007

Outlook Express is now called Windows Mail and can be accessed from the start menu. I use outlook and everything stayed the same for me.

Try opening Windows Mail to see if it's already there, if not you will have to set up the accounts again There is a wizard to guide you through it all. Windows Mail does more things than before and saves files in a different way to Outlook Express. From the program choose File> Import >Mail Account Settings.

  anskyber 10:06 01 Apr 2007

This may also help. click here

  Jacton 17:13 02 Apr 2007

I have tried the above and still cannot get it to work. Is there a problem with my ISP being Bt Broadband, or do I need to do somethin else.

I have set up windows mail via the wizard but just cannot get my e-mail address to work. Do I need to change my present e-mail address?

When I try windows mail it says it cannot dialup my broadband yet at the same time I can be on the internet via the same broadband, so am stumped.

Microsoft have not answered my queries or maybe they have but I cannot receive their e-mails I jsut don't know.

But am pretty fed up with it all now

  dnjl 18:00 02 Apr 2007

Good advice - what server are you on -
I only ask as the above question would be one of my future ones. I note he is on BT - We are on tiscali - I'm hoping they are better than BT from what I've heard regarding Vista.

  anskyber 19:06 02 Apr 2007

My ISP is Zen Internet, not the cheapest but I cannot speak more highly of them. Based in the NW of England I have found their helpdesk to be really first rate.

  happyhotspur 22:05 02 Apr 2007

Trouble is I'm stuck with Bt Broadband but I am complety stumped can everything else to work but e-mail no joy. I have reset up windows mail but still is says it cannot connect or it trys to go via dial up even though I am on broadband. I am live at the moment but cannot get e-mail to work. There is no point in having vista I might as well stay with 98 or XP at leat my e-mail works

  rawprawn 08:33 03 Apr 2007

Have you tried btinternet helpline? (I assume that they have one)

  Ank45 11:42 03 Apr 2007


If you want to use Windows Mail in Windows Vista Home Premium then make sure that Windows Mail has been set as default email in your system. In order to create a new Windows Mail account please visit to the following link:

click here

  happyhotspur 20:04 03 Apr 2007

Thank you all but I have tried everthink that has been recommended but cannot get it to work. Ihave jsut tried getting e-mail via OUTLOOK on Office 2003 but now get an error message saying unable to send test message please verify the e-mail address. this is the same e-mail address that I am still running on an olkder machine under windows 98 with no trouble.

Yes I have tried btinternet helpline its crap and absoluitley useless. Waste of time and money

perhaps I should just scrap VISTA and go back to XP for the next 10 years until they resolve all the compatability problems

I now give up

  PaulB2005 09:07 04 Apr 2007

"go back to XP for the next 10 years until they resolve all the compatibility problems"

I have set up many users with Vista and migrated their e-mail accounts to Windows Mail without any problems, including BT Broadband.

I suggest you make a note of your settings from the Windows 98 machine and slowly try again under Vista.

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