DVD not reading since SP1

  bomberforpm 16:15 28 Apr 2008

Hay guys,

I installed SP1 last week and ever since then my dvd will not read any cd/dvd i put into it.

The device is shown in device manager and shows as working and has the most up to date driver available.

I have checked the BIOS and agin everything is there and working fine.

I 100% can narrow this down to software and to SP1 as the hardware works in a XP system on another rig.

I have tryed quite a quite possible fix's so far to no avail.

Deleteing upper and lower filters has shown no change.

Removing any dvd burning software hasnt made a differance.

I have updated the drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled the device multiple times. Cableing is all secure and tested and like ive mentioned the hardware works in another rig.

This really is begining to annoy the hell outa me now.

Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

  anskyber 16:24 28 Apr 2008

Uninstalling SP1 may clear things although I am sure you would be reluctasnt to do so.

MS have set up a free (yes free) SP1 help desk. They may be worth contacting while you wait for others here. click here

  bomberforpm 16:27 28 Apr 2008

Yeh i was thinking i may have to uninstall it.....

Regretfully it hasnt made a restore point for some reason...grrrr

I have also emailed the MS support (only 2 days ago so still hoping for a reply)

I know its a software issue and probably easily fixed......but that knowledge just irk's me more

  anskyber 16:31 28 Apr 2008

Did you download the SP1 manually or was it offered to you via Windows Updates?

  bomberforpm 16:35 28 Apr 2008

Manually via the system details\windows update sections

  anskyber 16:42 28 Apr 2008

I know that the automatic update route will bar the download if any non compliant drivers or software is detected.

The full download route will bypass this protection and I think I am right that it will also be bypassed if a manual check is done.

  bomberforpm 16:47 28 Apr 2008


According to device manager the dvd is working and the driver is up to date.

there must be some compatability issue and/or conflict with existing software?

  bomberforpm 09:08 29 Apr 2008

Ok heres the update....

Ive uninstalled SP1 and it still dosent bleeding work :(

That would suggest that something has been left behind by a uninstall somewhere or mabye a burning program messing with the software....

I uninstalled the burning software that came with the machine and ran Ccleaner.......no change

Any one got any suggestions? this is driving (no pun intended) me nuts

  sunny staines 11:33 29 Apr 2008

is it a liteon dvd writer by any chance?

  anskyber 12:44 29 Apr 2008

One more try click here

  anskyber 12:45 29 Apr 2008

Sorry, I see you have tried that.

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