Dual booting hard drive with 7 and Vista.

  omegaalpha 15:51 21 Feb 2011

I have a laptop that has Vista installed on it. I have an upgrade disc for Windows 7 and I am thinking about performing a "clean installation" over the Vista OS - which I know is allowed, on the following link;
click here

Now, I would like to create another partition (on the same hard drive) and install Vista (using the same disc that it came with the laptop) onto that blank hard drive partition - is this possible to do?


  GaT7 17:11 21 Feb 2011

That is a good question. Yes, it is possible to do but I'm not sure if it's legal.

So I'd recommend you post your query in a fresh thread at the official Microsoft forums in this relevant sub-forum click here (I think it's the correct one - but if it's not, a mod will move it to the correct section), after registering via click here. If you already have a Windows Live ID, login with that instead & try posting.

Once you find out that it's indeed legal, return to let us know & we'll let you know how to go about it. G

  chub_tor 17:33 21 Feb 2011

Why do you want to install Win7 over Vista and then clean install Vista on a new partition. Why not leave the Vista partition as it is, then use the upgrade version of Win7 to make a clean install on the new partition. Your click here shows you how to do that and as the PCA article says, it is entirely legal.

  omegaalpha 17:39 21 Feb 2011

@Crossbow7 - I looked on the technet forum for Microsoft, unfortunately you cannot do what I suggested. The only way to go about it is to purchase a retail/full copy of Vista and use that instead. Apparently the licence aggreement for Vista is transferred over when you upgrade to Windows 7, and thus the original licence agreement on the Vista Disc that came with the laptop is void to be used on the new parition.

@chub_tor - according to the EULA for Microsoft, if you install a Windows OS onto a new, clean parition in the same hard drive of the computer to which you have another Windows OS installed, Microsoft classes that new partition as a "new computer" and thus you need to purchase a retail/full copy of Vista or 7.

All this info I had found after positing this topic.
The only way to get around this is via two options; if you have plently of money then buy a retail version fo Vista/7, or simply use a linux distro that can be used multiple times without voiding any EULA's.

  omegaalpha 17:41 21 Feb 2011

I forgot to add, that if you wanted to reinstall Vista (if you upgraded to 7 from Vista) then you will have no problems, since you are using the OEM Disc sent with the laptop. It all gets complicated when you begin to talk about EULA's for different versions of Windows... ¬_¬

  a member 17:44 21 Feb 2011

We who use a product called HyperOS have come across this (or similar problem) its a OS management program that allows multiple Operating systems on the same PC by creating as many partitions as we need ,we have looked into this , and we are allowed to have multiple copies of windows ,often we will use an upgrade disk to upgrade one or more of the copies ,the others still work and we are legal , the reason being ,its ok to have several OSs on a PC ,as long as we only actually run one at any one time .
if I own a full install disk of say windows vista ,and have it cloned on 4 drives ,I can buy an upgrade disk of windows 7 and only upgrade 1 or 2 of my installations. thats OK ,because at any one time i can only use 1 OS .
if however I used a multicore PC to run 2 different Operating systems using 2 monitors, but from the same (common) PC .that would not be legal if one of the OSs is an upgrade.

  chub_tor 21:01 21 Feb 2011

Thank you for enlightening me for I had assumed that if you used the upgrade version with its own new number and it is validated by Microsoft after installation then that made it legal to do so. We live and learn.

  GaT7 12:25 22 Feb 2011

I had a feeling it would not be allowed but wanted you to confirm it with Microsoft just to be sure. Can you please post a link to this particular Technet forum thread or article?

But from what merlinx says, it will be fine as you'll only really be running one OS at any given time - or have I misunderstood it? merlinx could you please clarify/confirm this for omegaalpha's setup only. G

  omegaalpha 17:22 22 Feb 2011

@ Crossbow 7 - here is the link that I found the answer to my question; click here

It talks about having Win7 RC1 on a separate partition, but the idea is the same. There are similar results if you search "dual boot vista and 7" on the forums.

  GaT7 17:34 22 Feb 2011

Thanks omegaalpha, I see what you mean click here. G

  a member 19:12 22 Feb 2011

if you read the microsoft eula for windows 7 on your pc windows/system32/en-US/Licences you will note the words "at any one time" noted after several stipulations , for example you may have windows 7 in both 32 and 64 bit you may only use one version (at any one time) this I know for a fact means you can install both ,the licence key is the same for both .when you are using one ,you cannot use the other , but it states you may choose to use either but only one at any one time .
if I were you I would copy (clone) your vista install to partition 2 ,make sure its working ok then upgrade windows 7 on partition 1 (original OS.)
there is no reason why both wont work your vista install can be copied several times and will work without the need for reactivation ,as the licience files are embedded and it checks your bios for the correct slic table at startup to confirm your right to use it . the eula for upgrade has allways been a bit more vague than the full version . I have never seen or heard of microsoft chasing up users who are dual or multi booting , as long as you paid for each software .
they have far more to do chasing the pirated software distributors .
its a bit like the pirate music scene , the emphasis has allways been on catching or stopping the people who make it available ,not the person who downloads it .to be honest if that happened we two thirds of the world would be locked up .
for myself I own (having purchased legally) versions of all OSs from windows ME through to windows 7 . and most of them with the ecception of ME are loaded onto my current PC and all work , and all have access to microsoft support having passed the authenticity and validation checks.

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