Dual Boot - Windows Vista & Windows XP

  douglas1973 19:58 13 Feb 2007

Dual Boot

I installed the full version of Windows Vista Home Premium on top of Windows XP Home edition on my computer. Due to compatibilty problems with some software (e.g. Quicken 2004, the last version produced in the U.K) I asked my local computer shop to install a second hard drive and install Windows XP on it. They said they spent nearly a whole day trying but could not do so - the computer crashed all the time. Can anybody give me step by step instructions on how to do it?

  Fred Heartsun 01:17 14 Feb 2007

From what i've read on various forums, you need to install xp first. Then install vista on the 2nd HD. XP won't install on a system running vista.

  badvoc 14:23 14 Feb 2007

I am also lead to beleive this is not possible. I have tried it and failed. I do have Virtual PC 2007 installed and that is serving me well so far. The only programme I can't run is a 3D animation suite but I am thinking this is an issue with RAM, I have 1GB so virtual pc can only have <512MB. The other problem is VPC 2007 has no USB support at the min. The other option is VMWare but I haven't tried it yet.

  benbeculapcs 23:30 14 Feb 2007

I installed XP on my Toshiba laptop which came preloaded with vista home premium. The drive was already partitioned.
XP installed fine, but then after installation I couldnt boot into Vista only XP.
Googled a bit and found that if you install XP after Vista it corrupts Vista booting. So the Vista dvd has to be run to repair the Vista installation (which takes minutes)
Next problem is that after repairing Vista you cant dual boot into XP. so I then had to use a program called EasyBCD to add XP to the boot sequence.
Now sucessfuly dual booting Vista and XP.
Hope this helps, and srry if its been covered already.

  benbeculapcs 23:35 14 Feb 2007

I should also have added I've sucessfully setup PC to dual boot also (using the pc to test program compatability before I install them onto laptop)
Do you know at which point the installation was crashing?

  douglas1973 23:53 14 Feb 2007

Thanks everybody for your help. I will copy your responses for my local PC shop. In answer to your question, benbeculapcs, I don't really know at what point my PC crashed - I will ask tomorrow.
One would have thought that Microsoft would have had all this functioning before launching Vista, wouldn't you?!

  RichMc2 17:10 16 Feb 2007

I had the same problem I suppose trying to use a 2 year old programme with Vista was a bit hopeful, I went over to Microsoft money (£24.99 from Staples) It works with Vista, you need to install macromedia flash first. And go into user accounts and turn user accounts control off whilst you install money. It's just as good as quicken and can import quicken files. :-)
And yes you MUST have XP installed before you can install Vista, why I don't know ask the deamon Gates!

  Totally-braindead 17:42 16 Feb 2007

Theres an article in this months PCA April Edition using a program called Paragon Partition Manager which is available with the DVD issue only. Haven't read it yet.

  douglas1973 11:56 21 Feb 2007

Thanks again everybody for your help. It always amazes me how helpful people are in computer forums. I have a 2004 version of Money and have installed it following your instructions RichMc2 and it has been successful - thank you! Unfortunately I could not get Money to import data from Quicken so Now I will have to input last year end balances plus all this years data which will be no mean feat.
P.S. It is curious how difficult it is to find what version/year one posseses.

  douglas1973 14:54 05 Mar 2007

My local PC shop (God bless them!) have now found the way to install Windows Vista on one drive and Windows XP on another. Fred Heartsun is absolutely correct. You must first install XP and then Windows Vista and then it works!

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