Dual Boot on Pre-Installed Vista

  WardaleM 10:21 27 Mar 2007

I am about to retire my (t)rusty old desktop PC and buy a shiny new one. Most of the PCs I am looking at have Vista pre-installed, which I am OK with.

However, I would like to setup the PC with a dual-boot to XP. All of the posts I have seen so far talk about having XP installed first. Is it possible to do it in reverse (i.e. have Vista installed and then add XP)?

  CLONNEN 11:09 27 Mar 2007

The short answer is No - XP has to be first

  WardaleM 12:01 27 Mar 2007

Thanks clonnen

Oh well. It looks like it'll be semi retirement for the old PC then - I may have to get a KVM switch though as I don't want to have duplicates of everything.

  thms 17:02 27 Mar 2007

Can be done according to here
click here

  WardaleM 14:53 04 May 2007

Thanks thms

I have now got my shiny new PC. I will try the suggested method once I have had a play for a bit.

  Zeppelyn 19:16 04 May 2007


Its actually easier than the link thms posted, assuming you have a Vista DVD..

Intall XP to the partition/drive you require and on completion you will note that the PC boots straight into XP as the install has wiped the Vista boot sector.

No problem just boot from the Vista DVD and instead of clicking on install just click on repair my computer and select startup repair. That will restore the Vista boot sector and add XP to the boot menu.

  tobyb121 11:37 13 May 2007

You could always try windows VPC 2007. I use it, and it works really well, I can run xp from within vista, so I don't have to keep rebooting, but it can be quite slow at times, so I only recomend it if you are running relatively simple programs, i.e. not games. you can download it/get more info on it here... click here but note that if you want to have xp in vpc on a vista machine you need at least 640mb ram or it will not work.

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