Drivers Req when installing W7 Pro 64-bit

  old_codger 08:45 13 Jun 2011

Hi, I'm trying to install W7 Pro 64-bit on a friend's Toshiba satellite L300 series short model no: PSLB8E. It's a fairly new copy of W7, during the install phase it asks for a driver CD to be inserted.

I downloaded the 64-bit drivers from official Toshiba site, and burnt them as .zip files. W7 Pro install didn't like this format. I then expanded them in their respective folders as .exe files and burnt another CD. Although I can see the folders in the install W7 Pro insert driver CD sub-window, it still doesn't seem to recognise this format, and refuses to go any further. What format or method will make the install work?

When I installed my older copy of W7 Pro 64-bit, on this, my desktop PC, it just installed without problems. Of course this copy is activated on my desktop PC.

However, as a test, I installed this older copy on his laptop. Guess what, it too installed OK without asking for drivers? Has MS changeded the install process for W7 Pro recently?


  ventanas 13:46 13 Jun 2011

Sounds like an issue with the driver for the optical drive.

Is the laptop 32bit or 64 bit. Are you doing a clean install or upgrade.

You can't move a 32bit installation to 64bit.

If upgrading what version of Windows in on already.

I upgraded a Toshiba Equium only last week, and had not a single issue.

You must make sure you are using the right version of Windows 7 to match the laptop you are installing to.

  old_codger 14:24 13 Jun 2011

Thanks for your prompt response.

The previous installation was 32-bit Win Vista. However, I chose to do 'Custom Install' which will overwrite existing installation. Of course I can't go back to that now as I deleted the partitions that existed during install. Also, my 'Test' W7 64-bit install (that worked) would have wiped that out anyway.

I think I even tried his (new) 32-bit Win 7 Pro, but it came up with same 'Install Driver' sub-window during install phase. I hadn't downloaded these 32-bit drivers.

I'm beginning to think that his 'new' W7 Pro (an eBay purchase,but it looks OK and was shrink wrapped) might be suspect.

Has anybody seen this issue during W7 Pro Install phase?

  ventanas 21:46 13 Jun 2011

You could try installing from another media, external drive or flash drive. A flash drive must be at least 4Gb, you could copy the dvd to it on another machine. To set it up as the boot drive link text

Or use an external drive set as first boot

  ventanas 21:49 13 Jun 2011

Sorry, a bit too brief. Create a separate partition on the external drive, copy the files to it and set it as active. Set the parttiton as first boot.

  ventanas 21:59 13 Jun 2011

Another option is to use the Toshiba recovery media to put Vista back, then do an upgrade install (this is what I do in the office), with just the operating system you will not have any problems,and will probably not need any drivers either - I didn't. But you must use a 32bit version of Win7. Absolutely no point in putting 64bit on when you have a 32bit processor anyway. I would put all Vista updates on first though, and get it at least to SP2.

  old_codger 08:09 14 Jun 2011

Thanks for responses. However, it still doesn't answer my question, why his 'New' W7 Pro 32 or 64-bit DVD (in thicker DVD case with rounded corners) always asks for a CD with the drivers during the install process. It can't complete the install. Putting this DVD on a flash drive, or other drive, surely can't change the way this install works, compared with that below, that does work?

Whereas, my 'Older' W7 64-bit DVD (in normal slimline DVD case) originally installed on my desktop PC about 8 months ago. Always sails all the way through (doesn't ask for drivers), completes the install, and runs on his laptop (and reboots). My friend doesn't have Vista recovery CD or original Win Vista 32-bit DVD, as it didn't come with any separate backup software. In any event, the HDD has now lost original partitions that might have held the Vista recovery. We are up the Swanny without a paddle!

My copy of W7 Pro came from MS as a replacement for non-genuine software. It is marked 'Get Genuine Online Kit This kit is only distributed to qualified customers to replace non-genuine software on the PC that failed online Windows validation'.

The only thing I haven't tried yet, is to save a current image of my desktop HDD, erase it and try installing my friend's 'New' W7 Pro 64-bit DVD onto a clean HDD. If it asks for drivers, then I will know his DVDs are duff. My desktop is newer than his laptop and it works like a dream.

Still perplexed!

  ams4127 20:45 14 Jun 2011

I'm no expert on this but it seems to me as though Win7 is, during it's installation, finding the old Vista drivers and when it can't use them, is asking for the correct drivers.

My recommnedation would be to format the HDD and then try another install. This should allow Win7 to install it's own drivers as it did on your desktop.

  old_codger 07:57 16 Jun 2011

Thanks for your response ams4127.

I tried your suggestion out.

I erased his laptop HDD, then put my broadband connection in, and started a 'Custom Install' using his new W7 Pro 32-bit DVD. When it got to asking for CD/DVD Device drivers, I used the 'Repeat Scan' in that sub-window, and it obviously found what it wanted, perhaps via the internet connection, and the install completed all the way through. W7 Pro 32-bit boots really quickly compared to his old 32-bit Vista, he was impressed.

As I was doing that install, I saved my desktop HDD image on external HDD. I then erased my desktop HDD and did a clean 'Custom Install', using his new W7 Pro 64-bit on my desktop PC, which is newer than his laptop. That install went all the way through, didn't stop for anything. It rebooted normally. This was a 'Test' install to prove there was nothing wrong with the product he purchased on eBay. I have now erased my desktop PC of 'Test' install, and recovered my saved HDD image without problem.

The problem his laptop had to start with, was to do with his hardware/drivers being older than my desktop hardware. W7 can be picky.

My friend wants to install a new & bigger HDD fairly soon, so I will save his current HDD (32-bit) image first. I will then attempt a W7 Pro 64-bit clean 'Custom Install' using above method. I will report back here.

Thanks for your useful suggestion.

  ams4127 19:40 16 Jun 2011

Glad it worked.

  old_codger 07:22 28 Jun 2011

Thanks for your posts Ventanas about using a USB flash drive-it all worked!

As I mentioned in my last post, I would try a W7 Pro 64-bit install on my friend's new 500GB, just installed in his Laptop. This fell over using his 'new' DVD, but worked with my 'old' DVD. However, after successful install, I activated the product using his 'new' valid key. All OK. Got the rest of his stuff installed, he was a happy bunny.

He ordered a 8GB flash drive and I followed your link (above) to prepare it (using DISKPART in CMD window). I did this on my PC and then copied his 'new' W7 Pro 64-bit DVD to it. It was about 3.5GB used. I then installed his old 250GB HDD that had been wiped clean, prior to sale on eBay. We then booted from USB flash drive and made a flawless, very fast install. Laptop booted up OK. I then wiped the 250GB & put his 500GB HDD back in. It was a 'test install' he wanted a means of re-installing from scratch. This was it!

I now think that either the laptop DVD RW drive is suspect, as I couldn't write to it to make a windows recovery CD, or the laptop BIOS is out of date for W7. He will replace DVD drive later.

Thanks again for all your help-it worked.

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