Driver rant

  crosstrainer 12:48 23 Feb 2007

Maybe I'm missing something here, but the lack of driver support (won't name the long list of hardware manufacturers) is woeful to say the least. It's not as if Vista appeared overnight, it's been in the making for long enough for sound, graphics, printer companies to have had time developing the code required for these products to function correctly. The cynical amongst us may come to the conclusion that they want us all to rush out and buy new kit. Even at oem prices, the prospect of buying 4 new graphics cards, a new multifunction printer / scanner / fax, and 2 new sound cards fills me with a certain amount of "rip off" syndrome. And to cap it all, it won't be long before we are all singing "....oh Vienna (or whatever it's final name evolves into)

  anskyber 13:27 23 Feb 2007

An Ultravox fan? Yes I agree. I have been lucky, all my hardware works, even my web cam which is 18 months old and Logitech say will not work.......but it does.

I just need NVIDIA to release the final non Beta drivers for my graphics card.

Good luck.

  crosstrainer 13:38 23 Feb 2007

Nvidia are my main gripe, they really should have had this done by now.... the beta sli drivers don't work for me, my multifunction printer will not multifunction (lexmark say "coming soon") but when is soon? The plus point is that this machine is just my Vista testbed, contains no data of importance and have a higher spec dual core fx desktop also sli, and an Acer laptop also high spec.. can get a free upgrade to vista, but will not be doing it yet..too much important stuff on those two to find out things will not work!

  kinger 16:19 23 Feb 2007

I complained to Buffalo Tech about my wireless card not having Vista drivers but they blamed the Japanese manufacturers for the delay.

As soon as they supply them, we'll post the files on our website, they said.

So maybe it's not the vendors, who just place their badge on the goods, but the makers who are to blame.

  crosstrainer 16:25 23 Feb 2007

Thats true, but they both should share the blame... they have all had plenty of time... call me paranoid but I still think the bottom line is buy new kit from us! My wireless router and air cards worked fine I have heard a lot of people are having problems with Buffalo kit though... my memory of XP's release was that most drivers were ready to go... i did beta test it though so was using it six months prior to the UK release. Vista IS an improvment and i suppose the waiting game is our only option!

  Coltch 11:16 24 Feb 2007

The launch of Vista mirrors the launch of XP, I remember having to use Win2K drivers for most of my hardware as native XP drivers were unavailable.

  crosstrainer 11:22 24 Feb 2007

Must be my memory then, I had a much easier upgrade path with XP.... particularly with the graphics side of things... having said that technologies have moved on and sli is a more complex animal.... printers and sound, however really should be out of Beta now.... how many people have mobo's with ac97 realtek sound (thousands!) yet the driver is beta without control panel.. can only run it in legacy mode and back to "Coming soon"!!! Same for graphics.

  Coltch 11:29 24 Feb 2007

The Realtek AC97 sound driver has been out of beta for ages, I'm using the latest driver on my Vista Install (RC2).

  crosstrainer 11:37 24 Feb 2007

The driver is ok, it's the control panel that is legacy, the driver was released on its own without the means to set up 5.1 7.1 etc, can be done through vista but still ropey on this machine.

  Coltch 11:41 24 Feb 2007

The only problem I have with the Realtek driver is having to switch the speaker settings on every start-up.

  crosstrainer 11:49 24 Feb 2007

Yep, thats one I have too, I know realtek are working on a Vista compatible panel, but no word as yet on a release date. Even buying a sound card creative or suchlike would not help much either judging by the amount of people having similar driver issues.

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