Driver Advice ... and keep it simple please.

  mooly 08:21 04 Jul 2008

Since upgrading to SP1 (coincidence ?) I have had 5 times now a message appear saying "windows has successfully recovered from a video driver problem" that appears during initial booting. Yesterday it didn't recover and I got the BSOD for the first time ever. Wondered what it was -- now I know. Using control panel and checking for updated drivers the message is they are all up to date. It's an Acer notebook with Nvidia GEForce GO6100.
Googled it and found driver genius ? site that says I have at least 7 out of 72 drivers that are out of date etc inc all the nvidia ones + memory, card readers, sound card etc . Question -- is it asking for trouble to use something like this.
Any advice for anyone who doesn't want to mess things up. Should add not using any oddball apps just Vista HP and Acronis 10.

  FatboySlim71 08:54 04 Jul 2008

It does sound to me like you have an out of date graphics card driver. I have Vista and when I first got my system mine would 60/40 of the time boot up ok or it would get to where the green scrolling bar is just before you see the desktop and then restart. I found the problem was an out of date graphics card driver, since I updated this I have had no problems whatsoever even after updating to SP1.

Below is a link to the Nvidia site, I believe the driver in the link below is the most up to date driver for your graphics card.

click here

  gazzaho 16:32 04 Jul 2008

I would check with Acer before trying to update the graphics drivers, the drivers on notebooks are not the same as for desktops. Because of power management features with notebooks, manufacturers often have their own drivers for certain graphics cards to support power features on their notebooks. If you use a driver for a desktop machine on a notebook you may not gain the benefit of these features, or the machine could run hot as a result. I'm not saying this will happen, but it might be sensible to check first.

  dms_05 17:18 04 Jul 2008

Go to the Acer site and look for downloads. They have a terrific list of drivers for all installed equipment - including ones specifically for Vista SP1. Use these.

I then simply ran the Vista Update facility and it found all the drivers I had and loaded the latest ones (often more recent than Acer have).

But Windows Update is very useful once you have loaded the correct driver from the Acer site.

  dms_05 17:20 04 Jul 2008

The drivers are available from click here

  mooly 17:51 04 Jul 2008

Thanks for some good advice. The first thing I will do is make a full backup. Better safe than sorry I guess. I hadn't thought of drivers as being specifically for notebooks-- power management issues and so on, so perhaps checking with Acer is the best bet on this one.
FatboySlim71 -- it does sound like a similar problem to yours, good to know an updated driver solved it.
I will check the Acer site as well and hopefully post the outcome.
Thanks again

  FatboySlim71 21:28 04 Jul 2008

I forgot to mention earlier that my graphics card was also a NVIDIA. Hopefully an update will solve the problem you are having :-)

  mooly 18:01 06 Jul 2008

Well I contacted Acer and quoted the driver version currently installed and, as part of the service request form filled in all the Acer Advantage warranty details.
The request couldn't have been more politely worded and for a service organisation, this should be the easiest of questions to respond to.
And the response, "Thank you for contacting Acer, for £50.00 we can supply a set of recovery discs for this machine" End Of !!!!
SHAME ON YOU ACER -- the machine has been fantastic, but attitudes like this do you no favours at all.

  100andthirty 21:52 06 Jul 2008

However nicely you put it Acer service have misunderstood your request. However it's still worth going to the Acer site suggested above with your precise model number. If the graphics card driver is later than you've got, you won't harm anything. Make a restore point befor you do anything

  mooly 08:09 07 Jul 2008

Had a look on the Acer site, it's hard to say whether it's later or not as the full number isn't given. However ! Downloaded it and unzipped file (should I have done that or left it as it is-zipped) , but windows is in any case stopping me updating it. Keep getting message "The most recent driver is already installed".
And this is where I am not sure what to do. Do I need to uninstall the driver currently in use, presumably it will then revert to it's own generic driver, and then try and update it.
Or leave well alone ??

  mooly 08:21 08 Jul 2008

Re my above post, thought about it and just ran setup.exe from the file. A few "moments" as the screen resolution altered wildly, then asked for a restart. Fired up O.K. resolution all wrong though so altered that back and checked driver version now installed. It's the same !! Erm.
Was running set.exe the right way to do it ? It seemed to go through all the right screens to get there--- install shield and so on.

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