Drive "F"

  JACC 15:32 20 Feb 2008

My pc has a dvd drive and a dvdrw drive,but if i go into My Computer it shows 2 dvd drives and a dvdrw drive.The "real" drives are D and E,Is it safe to get rid of F and how do i go about it.

  crosstrainer 15:41 20 Feb 2008

A card reader in your pc? (smart card's for camera's and the like) Some pc's will retain the drive letter.

  ventanas 15:59 20 Feb 2008

Some burning programs (I think Pinnacle is one) create a virtual dvd drive. I've no idea why and I stopped using it as a result.

Could this be the reason?

  JACC 15:59 20 Feb 2008

Hi crosstrainer , nope , no card reader onboard.

  JACC 16:00 20 Feb 2008

ventanas,don't use Pinnacle either.

  crosstrainer 16:04 20 Feb 2008

In device manager?

  JACC 16:32 20 Feb 2008

KP6420V OPX478C SCSI CdROM Device

  crosstrainer 16:59 20 Feb 2008

KP6420V OPX478C SCSI CdROM Device

Is the non-existant one?

  crosstrainer 17:01 20 Feb 2008

Any mention of it at all. The other two are genuine. It's a virtual drive installed by something. Try deleting it from device manager and then re-boot. If windows doesn't find it again you should be ok.

  JACC 20:43 20 Feb 2008

Sorry crosstrainer,i was at a parent evening at the high school.Yep that is the "false" one,i'll try your advice out and let you know how i get on.

  JACC 21:25 20 Feb 2008

Uninstalled it ok ,but it repeared on startup!!!If it's not doing any harm can i just ignore and continue on my merry way?

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