crosstrainer 21:38 24 Apr 2008

Anyone fully got to grips with this yet?

Looks nice, but seems to have glitches in it?

  MCE2K5 21:41 24 Apr 2008

Mines OK, No glitches.

  crosstrainer 22:36 24 Apr 2008

The pack's work fine...(like the waterfall) but making my own seems to be a dogs breakfast (lack of talent methinks!)

  BruC 01:03 25 Apr 2008

DreamScene is great but I don't run it due to the fact that I suspect it uses resources

  Forum Editor 08:02 25 Apr 2008

And you're right, although it depends on your hardware configuration. When DreamScene was being developed it was understood that it needed to have as little impact on CPU performance as possible, so it was designed to use the Graphics processor as much as possible, provided the graphics card supports Vista Aero.

Nevertheless, there can be performance hits, especially if your graphics card doesn't have hardware acceleration. DreamScene is designed to stop running when a laptop is used on battery power, but you can force it to run by changing your power settings. If you do that you'll certainly notice a reduction in available running time.

If you find that DreamScene is running slowly a good tip is to use an MPG video file, rather than a WMV. Although the MPG file will probably be larger it will require less in the way of resources to run.

  sunny staines 09:24 25 Apr 2008

where did you get the waterfall one?

  crosstrainer 09:30 25 Apr 2008

Came down the update pipe as "Dreamscene pack 3"

  crosstrainer 11:09 25 Apr 2008

The FE is correct, although if you want to run games etc. You can right click the desktop and choose "pause Dreamscene"

Even on this machine (Quad core Phenom 9800, 2x8800GTX gpus) and 4gb of ram, it can make games a little stuttery.....According to diagnostics, this is due to my rather slow 2x 500GB spinpoint hdds.....Need 2 Raptors or similar I think.

  [email protected] 12:39 25 Apr 2008

you need to turn stuff off i would imagine! click here

  sunny staines 14:10 25 Apr 2008


found it, there was no preview of this one, thats why i missed it.

well impressed i will keep this one.

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