Downloading Vista?

  simon_lambert 14:39 01 Mar 2007

A mate of mine from work has just downloaded Vista ultimate for free from UseNext. Don't ask me why but I'm really annoyed at him because I have been saving up for a while to get my copy of it, and I don't want to download it. How does it work without the product key? Can he be caught using it illegally? (P.S I'm just curious, I'm not going to download it)

  crosstrainer 15:07 01 Mar 2007

Hacked copies of Vista are a) illegal b)often contain malicious code such as spyware and virus's c) will not be supported by MS for updates. In short, you are doing the right up, and watch your mate's problems mount up!

  anskyber 15:09 01 Mar 2007

I agree.

  Jimmy14 16:00 01 Mar 2007

I have read of certain cracks in the media to use Vista without it running out and entering no product key HOWEVER, Microsoft are aware of these so called "2099" cracks and are patching them if not already patched. I'm certain the cracks used contain spyware and viruses anyway. You are doing the right thing. As soon as you buy it and activate it, you are hassle-free.

  keatesy 15:57 02 Mar 2007

Oh the old "A MATE OF MINE" hey!!!!!

  Forum Editor 19:02 02 Mar 2007

is being less than sensible. Your mate will not be able to use the Vista update centre (which is being tweaked as we speak by the way), because it will spot his illegal copy immediately.

Added to which he runs the risk of becoming a victim of backdoor trojans.

  simon_lambert 19:46 02 Mar 2007

Yes keatesy, it is a mate of mine!!

Cheers guys, well explained :)

(Apart from keatesy, I will deal with you later)

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