Download all upgrade versions from US

  Newuser38 22:04 03 Feb 2007

I have just received my weekly Microsoft Download notifications from Microsoft Redmond, Not sure why I get them in UK but I do.

They offer via click here a download facility for upgrade to all versions of Vista from English-US 32 bit editions of XP pro etc using a company called Circuit City and Windows Marketplace Digital Locker system. As well as boxed copies from others such as Amazon.

Visa Ultimate upgrade version comes in at $259 US and is said to take 14hrs 12 minutes to download via DSL.

I have not found any restrictions on UK access but have not actually registered to be a Digital Locker member any one done it this way. Is it possible??

  Newuser38 10:03 04 Feb 2007

No body?

  jolorna 10:47 04 Feb 2007

i had the same email and it gives 2 options, buy & ship or digital locker, all you can do if your intrested is give it a try, my comp isn't up to having vista without some mods, so i won't be trying

  1832bchs 11:55 04 Feb 2007

According to the FAQ's on the Marketplace site, it is only available for USA and Canada.

  Jimmy14 12:43 04 Feb 2007

I have already tried this out of curiousity about a week ago and when you get to the checkout you click the country drop down menu and there is only the United States option. See below,
click here

  Forum Editor 12:47 04 Feb 2007

but you won't be able to download any software - the service is currently only available to consumers living in the US and Canada, as 1832bchs says.

Microsoft 'hopes' to be able to offer this service to Europe at some point, but so far no date has been mentioned, and here's where I move smoothly into rant mode.

This situation is - in my personal opinion - an absolute disgrace, and although I'm quite sure Microsoft will find plenty of reasons to justify their lack of customer service, there really isn't one that's remotely valid.
Here it is, the world's largest and most powerful software company, and it can't even provide its millions of European customers with a basic online shopping service - the kind of thing that dozens of other, far smaller companies do flawlessly, every day of the week.

If Microsoft can run servers offering Vista and Office 2007 downloads to American and Canadian consumers it can do exactly the same thing for consumers in the UK, France, Germany, and pretty well any other country on the face of the globe. The technical problems with regard to sales taxes are easily solved, and I invite Microsoft to tell me - and you - why they couldn't have set all this up well in advance of the Vista launch.

I despair when I see the world's largest technology company, one that uses the word 'innovation' as though it invented it, failing to recognise the basics when it comes to marketing its products online.

I'm sorry, Microsoft, but your lack of initiative, and your apparent apathy towards the needs of your customer base outside America are fast alienating one person who has been one of your staunch supporters for many years.

  Newuser38 13:15 04 Feb 2007

Thanks never thought to look at the FAQ's. The Marketplace site is very good and clear on detail of Vista etc.

As FE says what a pity they cant treat us Europeans as well as they do their US customers.

Its possible to download other programs from US companies ok with tax etc dealt with. Hope someones listening at Reading or Redmond.

  Forum Editor 19:14 04 Feb 2007

They'll soon be listening if I've got anything to do with it.

  jolorna 07:22 05 Feb 2007

well said peter

  Chris-347369 08:26 05 Feb 2007

Very good point.

Office 2007 has a UK and Ireland website where you can download all the different versions for trial and if you like you can then purchase the licence.

Why not Vista?

  Forum Editor 17:42 05 Feb 2007

A cynic might say that Microsoft wants as many European consumers as possible to pay the 'off the shelf' price from retail outlets (on and offline) before offering downloads, because the market would naturally expect to buy cheaper from a download site.

That's what a cynic might say. I wouldn't really know "Why not Vista?" but I've asked, and it will be interesting to see what (if any) the response is. In the meantime I'm racking my brains for a possible valid, logical reason. So far without luck.

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