downgrading from vista to Xp Pro

  jayzinho 00:41 04 Nov 2007

i am on the verge of ordering my desktop dell inspiron 531, but it will come with Vista Home Premium. However, I need XP Pro.

I've read some stuff in other forums about 'downgrading' and 'partition' and 'dual boot', but i have no idea what any of that means??!!? i am a bit of a novice (to say the least), but i am scared sh*tless about messing up my desktop when loading XP Pro on there.

i heard that you have to call up Microsoft and get them to 'downgrade' vista, or something like that? can anyone clarify the situation, in simple terms, for a simple guy?

also, when i do load XP Pro, would that mean i would have to reload all the drivers for my hardware again?

  pchelper001 15:14 04 Nov 2007

you can ask microsoft to downgrade but only if you bought the software for a new pc seperately. If you buy XP Pro you should be able to format the disk on the desktop and install pro without a problem.

  pchelper001 15:15 04 Nov 2007

ps. you shouldn't have to reload all the drivers as they should be included in pro after some updates.

  aine 17:09 04 Nov 2007

Why cant you just order XP Pro from DELL? I believe that they do offer this facility Aine

  jayzinho 18:03 04 Nov 2007

hi, thanks for your info pchelper..

aine, i am tempted to order xp pro from dell with my machine now. before, i wanted the option to install vista on my desktop again in the future, but having found out if i change the operating system it invalidates my warranty, im going to have to get XP Pro with it. which is annoying, seeing as though i already have a copy of xp pro, but if i load it onto my desktop myself, ill have no warranty cover. ordering it from dell would add to the price, but i dont see what option i have.

  ventanas 21:20 04 Nov 2007

click here

However you may not use a copy of XP that has been supplied with another machine. It must be a full retail (not an upgrade) copy.

If you only need XP the Vista licence will allow you to downgrade. Contact Microsoft as suggested.

But why the retrograde step? What's wrong with Vista? Because I can't find anything.

  jayzinho 21:23 04 Nov 2007

Id love to dual boot, or at least have the Vista recovery cd so that in the future i can use it. I need Xp Pro because i need to run certain applications like Visual Studio and SQL server, and other such programs as i am studying web development.

i have a copy of Xp pro which is not installed on another machine. but i contacted dell, who i am ordering my desktop from, and they told me if i change the OS myself or do a dual boot, it will invalidate the warranty... and i certainly don't want that. my only choice is to pay a little extra and get Dell to install XP pro on my custom system...

  jayzinho 21:51 04 Nov 2007

also, if i downgrade like you say ventanas, it invalidates my warranty..

  ventanas 08:51 05 Nov 2007

click here
For Visual Studio and Vista.

click here
For SQL Server and Vista

  jayzinho 11:49 05 Nov 2007

thanks ventanas. It seems SQL server will run no problem on vista, but I have visual studio 2003 which isn't supported.

i could buy visual studio 2005, or someone told me about Virtual PC, where i could instantiate a guest operating system within another.. is that right? i'd have to check whether this would invalidate my warranty, but it's worth a query to dell.

will get on it and get back

  jayzinho 17:15 06 Nov 2007

when phoning Dell to order my desktop, and confirming that Virtual PC would not invalidate my warranty, i found out that the Dell Inspiron 531 model does not support XP Professional. So it was all a bit of a waste of time.

However, I did a little more research and have now ordered a Dell Optiplex 740, along with the specifications i need, which includes XP Professional. And a 3 year warranty, which i pretty chuffed about.

I must say that the customer service i have received so far, has been exceptional. but i think i'll wait until the thing arrives, with hopefully all the right specs and actually works before i start making a song and dance.

nonetheless, thanks to all the people who have given me some advice, it was very helpful and greatly appreciated.

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