Downgrade Vista to XP on my Satellite L45?

  barrakus 23:56 18 Feb 2008

Vista to XP on my Satellite L45

Guys..any special advice for me on this one? I'm interested if the SATA boot in the bios is something I can check myself...and is it gonna stay put if i reformat the hard drive? I don't want to ruin this computer i just paid a thousand bucks for, HappyTrucker recognizes...Vista won't work with my favorite online i gotta do this, i guess...but i want to do it right.

I really didn't want to get rid of the original OS for obvious support reasons, but after reading some of these threads...
My problem is I can't play my online game...Dogs of the Seas...(Great game BTW!!!) It starts to load the game after it gets all the cookies and such, but then i get an error message "Connection Failed...Will Retry in 12 seconds" In XP it DOES retry...on this Vista system it doesn't... What should I do?

  MCE2K5 02:07 19 Feb 2008

Have you tried to uninstall 'McAfee Virus/Ident Protect Software'.

That could be your problem, I have had trouble with McAfee software.

  barrakus 02:58 19 Feb 2008

i turned it off....would it have different results if i turned it off? I actually went into the sysconfig and disabled all the startup programs with no result.

  anskyber 09:41 19 Feb 2008

Compatibility mode? click here

  brundle 17:40 19 Feb 2008

If you have an XP CD, run a virtual machine with VirtualPC2007 - MS say it's not compatible with Vista Home Premium but it works fine on my VHP laptop and for many others when I did a search to find out before installing it. click here

  barrakus 01:34 20 Feb 2008

Anskyber, I know I must sound like a complete noob, because I am, butin the site you referred me to it say's: "To configure the compatibility mode for an application, just locate the installation directory and right click on the .exe, selecting Properties from the menu."
I don't guess I know how to locate the installation directory to try this one. Then if I DO find it, which application should I change? All of them? Thanks.

  anskyber 08:17 20 Feb 2008

This is easier.

From start and all programs find the program you want ( sometimes it will be needed to click the program listed and then choose the bit which launches the program from the choices which follow)

Right click the program once found and choose properties. Then choose the compatibility tab and select the version of windows you wish to run it under, XP I assume.

  barrakus 15:34 20 Feb 2008

Yes, XP is my choice i guess...since it doesn't give me problems with my game site. But how do I know which program is giving me problems? The obvious, of course, but it doesn't give me the option to change the compatibility mode. *All the normal options under compatibilty tab are greyed out as though they aren't accessible)

Brundle, I also have downloaded the Virtual PC 2007 and installed XP...but now it won't allow me to coneect to the internet. Do I have to do it as a LAN connection with my Vista system making the dial up connection? If so, won't that mess with my connection to the game site?

I feel like I'm very close to the solution to this thing and I'm not willing to give up until I solve it, but this is getting to be frustrating.

  barrakus 15:40 20 Feb 2008

meant to say, that the obvious, of course is IE7...but it doesn't give me the option to change compatibilty modes...for above stated reason ;)

  anskyber 15:43 20 Feb 2008

On the compatibility tab did you tick "Run this program in compatibilty mode" first which should ungrey the options?

  brundle 19:28 20 Feb 2008

Out of curiosity I signed up and tried everything I could think of to get Vista to work with the game, but no good - never gets past the `will try again in 12 seconds` stage. I use mine with no 3rd party firewall, protected mode off, UAC off, admin status. I think it has something to do with the way Vista/IE7 handles Javascript.

Connect as you normally would with Vista, start up the virtual machine and yes, your XP network connection ought to be using the Vista one. The virtual machine doesn't care how it accesses the net, it just sees a connection. I would be more specific but I'm not using my vista/vpc machine at the moment. Happy to elaborate if you need more info though

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