Do we deserve some compensation for Vista???

  darrenrichie 10:42 07 Apr 2008

With the announcement that Vista's successor may be released as early as the end of 2009, do Vista owners feel as if they have been sold a dud product???? It seems as if MS are practically saying "Our product is pants lets get a new version out to save face". I bought Vista under the impression that it was the next major OS but it seems that MS have decided to listen to its critics and rush release another OS.
Do we deserve a discount on the new OS if it comes out so soon or should we be expected to stick with Vista regardless of new OS??????

  anskyber 11:15 07 Apr 2008

First of all read my contribution here

Secondly why on earth should MS compensate anyone for a system which for the vast majority works fine?

I do not have a dud product, it has worked for me for more than a year, I am very happy with it and it will still work if 7 becomes available in the same way XP still works for those who use XP.

Things change and each of us can decide to change or stay, there is no compulsion either way unless you must have the latest of everything. An example, I do not feel the need to get compensation from my car manufacturer just because they update the model.

  [email protected] 11:56 07 Apr 2008

it does what it says, it just seems it's a little too bloated for many people, there are many services you can disable. i have tried both 32 and 64 bit versions and for basic use they're both fine, just too big.
tweekvi is out now and it seems to turn vista into a basic version on xp. nvidia seem to have swung back to concentrating driver development for xp and new games are, on the main written for xp. microsoft have announced extending xp and it looks like 7 or whatever it's called is being rushed forward.
some like vista but the vast majority? i doubt it.
you really shouldnt have to disable half the standard services of an operating system to improve performance of a 4 gig quadcore pc it should handle the operating system with ease.

  darrenrichie 12:36 07 Apr 2008

I agree that Vista is fine. I have commented on how i think that most people are just moaning about it for moanings sake, but if we are to use the car analogy, if something goes wrong with a car they will recall it and repair it not build a whole new car to deal with the problem. Are we to expect that they will continue to update Vista so that it becomes a more acceptable OS or are they going to concentrate on Windows 7 and leave us Vista users with a OS that no-one really cares about and we won't get the same attention to it as XP did (ie SP3, will Vista get to that stage?)
I am just a bit annoyed that MS seem to have bowed down to pressure and rather than make Vista the OS it could be, they have decided to rush another OS out. Why should I risk buying Windows 7 if there is a chance they are going to dump that as quickly as Vista. I want to get some long term use out of spending £xxx on a new OS. I have used (and still do) XP for years now because MS have spent time and attention on it but Vista has had one SP and they have decided that will do.

  anskyber 12:55 07 Apr 2008

It took XP to get to SP2 before it was fully stable.

Vista will be supported. I think it will be a Vista + anyway and no so very different to Vista. More like evolution with some changes rather than an OS written from base as Vista mostly was.

screenshots. click here

  [email protected] 13:05 07 Apr 2008

"It took XP to get to SP2 before it was fully stable." i think the point is that xp's replacement wasnt being worked on as soon as xp was released.
if vista is unpopular with some, surely annoucing a new o/s will harm vista sales? are microsoft cutting their loses? if will make them pretty unpopular with many if they do.
i mean where is microsoft's concentration going to be vista or 7?
a lot of the new o/s has things planned and rethought for vista such as minwin. a lot of people, including myself have spent a lot of money on vista and it would be nice to be offered a cheaper upgrade for an o/s barely a year old.

  anskyber 13:17 07 Apr 2008

Unless you have not spotted it 7 is not out to RTM. So any replacement will be rather more than "barely a year old".

MS have always said the Vista replacement will be three years after the RTM of Vista which was late 2006.

XP is currently supported and Vista will be too. Don't expect too much from 7, unless the pundits are wrong it will be a Vista+ with a fancy name to make it marketable. I think you will find like all predecessor OSs the successor was worked on almost straight away, it just took 5 years to do Vista.

  [email protected] 13:40 07 Apr 2008

my point was, quite obviously i thought, vista was not announced, being worked on or even thought of when xp was 'barely a year old'

  Totally-braindead 15:29 07 Apr 2008

Do you deserve compensation? No. Why should you? I had problems and went back to XP but there are many people very happy about their Vista. Why should you get compensation? Because theres another OS coming in a few years? What so you expect then to do stop making new operating systems?

Did Microsoft rush the next operating system version through because of Vista or Vista problems? No they didn't. It was announced at about the same time Vista was released that another OS was already in the pipeline and was due out about 2009. Mind you considering the tendancy for slippage its probably going to be later than 2009.

I'm sorry but I completely disagree with your points, Microsoft did not rush Vista out and are not rushing a new operating system out and are certainly not creating a new OS because of any problems with Vista.

Regarding Vista being outmoded rather quickly which appears to be one of your other points, I would imagine that Vista will be supported by the majority of programs even when the new operating system comes out. Same as XP is now. Theres only a handful of programs that have come out recently that are Vista only as software manufacturers are well aware that many are still using XP and they don't want to effect their sales by cutting the number of customers who can buy their product.

  Lee.C 15:42 07 Apr 2008

If Windows 7 does arrive in 2009, it'll match the gaps between most other versions.

Windows 1 = 1985
Windows 2 = 1987
Windows 3 = 1990
Windows 3.1 = 1992
Windows 95 = 1995
Windows 98 = 1998
Windows ME = 2000
Windows XP = 2001
Windows Vista = 2007
Windows 7 = 2009/2010

The gap between XP and Vista is the exception and that was only because Vista got delayed so much (it started being worked on in 2001 - before XP's release - and was originally meant to be available by 2003).

  anskyber 15:46 07 Apr 2008

Thank you, I think that sums it up nicely.

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