Distro heaven, DVD hell

  eoinrua 05:27 24 Feb 2008

Vista's brilliant. Vista's fantastic. Vista's the best ever...for turning Windows users into Linux users.

I know, I know. Time was when I couldn't get enough. Windows 95 was where it all started. Gotta big rush from all that CD-playing stuff.

An' all 'em Windows. All over the place, they were.

Soon, it wasn't enough for me. I wanted bigger kicks, bigger thrills.

'98 threw me as much thrills as I could handle. I topped out on that sh*t. I was spreadhseeting in the wind with that junk.

And then it wasn't enough anymore. Sure, I wanted Millennium Edition. Sure, I wanted 2000.

But I knew they'd never be enough to satisfy the raging inferno that was burning deep inside of me. I wanted more, way, way more...

And then I got XP. I just shot that big mega-package of brilliantness into my veins and topped out.

Wow, that was one *ell of a high. I rode the wave for weeks, just tabbing my way from one killer app to another.I was in a trance, like.

I was in the tube, man.

It wasn't enough. It's never enough. You always want more.MovieMaker stopped hitting the spot. I couldn't even hit it with Explorer.

Then Vista came along.

I unwrapped that baby, turned her on and watched as she danced before my very eyes. Some say she was blue, but I'm thinking she was kinda green.

I don't know.

I never got that far.

My screen went black and that was the start of it.

OK, I worked out that I had to switch it off and then switch it back on to get a desktop. That's not the worst problem in the world.I could take it. I was big enough to handle it.

But then, I realised that I couldn't switch the computer off again without a hard reset, although that particular problem was resolved when I - eventually - found that my firewire card was stopping soft switch-offs.

So I bought a new firewire card. Heck, man, the thrills were coming again. Just like the ol' 98 days. I was pushin' the envelope.

Until I tried to actually run software.

No, nothing worked. Not my Pinnacle Studio DV editing suite; not my SPSS statistical-analysis package; not my Pro-Evolution Soccer, not my Fahrenheit game, not my anything.

It didn't like my hP Photosmart Printer either.

It left me so empty. I was just a shallow husk, all drained out. The juice had gone, man.

Then, all of a sudden, someone tells me all about a new kind of high that's not based on Windows.

Something called Linux.

I give it a shot. It's good, but not in a "high" sort-of good. It's just good.

For the first time in my life I feel clean. I don't feel bloated anymore. I can look at that keyboard and feel good about myself.

All my favourite games have gone - but Vista took them away anyhow - yet I can still enjoy everything that 95, 98 and XP gave me.

I've got off that cr*p, man.

I can listen to CDs, watch DVDs, surf the net, make html pages, edit photos, buy from amazon, Internet-Message, render 3D images and more.

I don't get high anymore. I've finally realised that my computer does all that I want it to do. No fuss, no bother.

You know, man. I had to write this sh*t. I had to tell you my story. There's a lot of guys out there who'll think it's bull.

It's not.

Windows Vista showed me the light

Choose Linux. Choose Life.

  eoinrua 06:49 24 Feb 2008

Even though I wrote that I still feel moved.

  octal 07:42 24 Feb 2008

Hi Linus, how's it going? :D

  lisa02 08:00 24 Feb 2008

I thought the whole way through this "what the hell is this rubbish" but....

Then I read your last part "Windows Vista showed me the light....Choose Linux. Choose Life." and that made me laugh.

So thanks for making me laugh this early on a Sunday morning.

  User-1159794 08:05 24 Feb 2008

A fantastic tale,I am moved.
If only I had your guts,your will power,strength.
You inspire hope in us all.
As a token of your inspirational post,I am going to have it tattooed on my earlobe.Not sure which one as yet.

  eoinrua 08:15 24 Feb 2008

Use your own willpower, your inner strength...defy convention and go for the right earlobe.

They'll talk about you, but show you're a real Rapscallion. Right.

  eoinrua 08:17 24 Feb 2008

I'm not Mr Torvalds.

I've never heard of him.

Yours sincerely,


  User-1159794 08:17 24 Feb 2008

My gratitude knows no bounds.

  eoinrua 08:26 24 Feb 2008

OK, I take it all back.

Vista's great and I'm using it now.

Feck. Crashed aga...

Choose to send error report?

  User-1159794 08:30 24 Feb 2008

Send Send,you know you want to.

  eoinrua 08:33 24 Feb 2008

Go on there Raps. You know you want a bit of Linux yourself.

Let yourself go. Now you've got your right earlobe tattooed there's no holding you back.

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