Display driver error in vista

  aortic 07:39 11 Mar 2007

Hi There,

How many people are having this problem of the display driver error coming up , i.e not responding error...what can i do about it , happening every so often...please help

  crosstrainer 08:55 11 Mar 2007

Can you tell us what your system and graphics card are? A lot of people are having display related issues at the moment.

  aortic 09:09 11 Mar 2007


System is acer aspire athlon duel core 64
graphics Navidia gforce 6100

is the right info you need

  crosstrainer 11:01 11 Mar 2007

Is that an acer laptop or desktop....the drivers for your card are available from click here just follow the onscreen prompts...makesure that before you install the new driver, remove the old one and re-boot the machine...

You remove the driver via control panel>add remove programs>browse to the Nvidia drivers click uninstall BUT!! choose the option to uninstall the display driver only.Then re-boot and double click the downloaded file with your new drivers. Follow the instructions and re-boot again.

  aortic 11:14 11 Mar 2007

Hi again,

mine is a desktop , i'am pretty new to this should i just download the driver and is it numbered so i know i'am downloading the right one

  crosstrainer 11:17 11 Mar 2007

Okay..any problems post back..you will need to re-set your desktop and your screen resoloution after the install.

  aortic 11:34 11 Mar 2007

Forgive my stupidity but which driver do i download as i said i'am new to this and i aint got a clue...help would much appricaited...thx in advance

  crosstrainer 11:39 11 Mar 2007

On the Nvidia site navigate to the display driver downloads section, choose "Display driver" from the first screen, then choose your card from the list, then choose vista as your operating system (32 bit or 64 bit) I assume you are using 32 bit...most people are..then having made your selection click GO...download the file to an easy place to find *your desktop might be best....easy for you to find later. Then download it and follow the steps I posted before.

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