Differences in Windows Vista

  Mark McC 11:11 08 Oct 2006

Hello, the reason for this post is because me and friend where having a conversation with our computing teacher and telling him about vista and he downloaded and installed it on his mac on paralell desktop and he says and i quote " all they have done is gave XP a new theme and re-arranged stuff and then gave it a name " vista " " and i know that its not just that and he refers vista to " Vast International Scam To All " and he also added "its people like us that will buy it because its a new OS and think that they have done new and good stuff to it "

i just thaugt i would tell you all lol ;)


  Forum Editor 11:37 08 Oct 2006

but do it politely, and blame it on me.

  josie mayhem 12:16 08 Oct 2006

As Fe says nonsense.. There been a lot of under the bonnet work done..

Vista handles audio in a complete new way for one, this is why manufacuters such a Creative labs are having so much hassel getting working drivers out, see here a very good explination about vista sound handling click here

  silverous 13:32 09 Oct 2006

See my other thread entitled "Loving Vista". He either didn't look close enough, or didn't get the Aero interface (maybe because of the way he was running it on a Mac).....or, and I don't want to start a Mac vs PC debate here, it may be that he is so pro-Mac that he looked at it through Mac-tinted-spectacles.

I must admit the interface is much more Mac-like to my eyes.

From what i've seen so far it isn't as dramatic in some cases as say Windows 95 was or XP after that, but it is still a significant upgrade.

I found it much more enjoyable to use and felt like I had more screen 'real estate' than working on XP. Built-in media center is also great - I think we'll see that becoming more prevalant in the future.

  LastChip 00:54 10 Oct 2006

In a sense, I think he's right.

He has perhaps over-simplified his explanation, but whether you are using Windows 95, Vista or anything in between, they are after all, only operating systems.

Frankly, (looking back) Windows 2000 Professional was by comparison light years ahead of anything Microsoft had produced before and XP and Vista are only further developed versions of Win2K.

You can't keep reinventing the wheel and even if you do, they all have one thing in common: they are all round!

  Input Overload 18:06 10 Oct 2006

Very Intellectually Stimulating Interface :-)

  thms 18:33 10 Oct 2006

Very Irritating Sodding Instalation more likely.
Even after running the advisor tool which said my system would run Vista no problems took me about a week to get it up and running.

Only managed this by scouring the web for advice.
There are some good things on it, but an upgrade of Xp could have given me this.

As for all the media stuff, video, dvd audio etc.
These are of no use to me as I watch my movies on my 28" telly and listen to music on my hi fi.
And yes I know it's only a Beta version, but I see nothing to make me upgrade.

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