Device manager empty in W7 64-bit

  Shirazz 15:49 10 Apr 2012

There was a typical long list until recently, and now they're all gone. I was looking for my scanner which isn't being recognised, although the printer (it's an all-in-one HP photosmart 8180) is recognised and will print. I've run driver updates, registry cleanups, and system restore but with no effect. Ach!

  john bunyan 19:16 10 Apr 2012

Have you run a scan for malware with Malawarebytes and / or Superantispyware? Otherwise open a command prompt as an administrator and run sfc/ scannow

  Shirazz 20:10 10 Apr 2012

I have Norton 360; I'm assuming that has it covered. There have been no indications of malware. I wouldn't know how to run a command prompt, unfortunately, but I'll find out if need be. Thank you, John.

  john bunyan 21:04 10 Apr 2012

Just go to Start / All programmes/ Accessories/ then Right click on Command prompt and select "run as administrator". Then enter. A black box will appear. type in sfc/ scannow (note gap after /) than enter. It should run and check and correct system files. No harm in running SAS (Superantispyware) in spite of Norton.

  john bunyan 21:15 10 Apr 2012

Also see here:

microsoft link

  john bunyan 21:25 10 Apr 2012

Just before this, Click on Start, then Right click on "computer" then select "manage" then see what is in device manager.

  Shirazz 22:48 10 Apr 2012

Thank you John, I'll give this a go tomorrow. There is nothing in device manager at all. I was looking in there for my scanner, that's how I saw it was empty. There had been some conflicts identified earlier which may have been the reason my webcam wasn't being recognised, but that had not been a priority so I left it. Then I wondered if they were affecting the scanner, so I went in to look. Can of worms opened! Another recommendation has been to repair Windows; I'll try your suggestion first though. Thanks again.

  john bunyan 20:18 11 Apr 2012

Re my former post.(9.04 pm yesterday) correction to type . Should be sfc /SCANNOW - not as above. Note space between sfc and / and upper case SCANNOW. Just tried it. Takes about 10 minutes.

  Shirazz 22:45 11 Apr 2012

Phew! Thanks for the update - I've been busy so hadn't got round to doing anything yet. Looks like tomorrow again. Cheers

  Shirazz 10:16 12 Apr 2012

Ran the command prompt and all's clear, so it looks like I might need to repair Windows. Thanks so much for your help.

  john bunyan 11:41 12 Apr 2012


If the scannow is all clear I would be inclined to telephone the microsoft tech help. They can be quite helpful on such things and may save you a reinstall.

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