DeskTop Icon (just the one) mystery.

  mooly 18:00 14 Jul 2008

A wierd one this, and it's always done it !!!
I have a desktop shortcut to my BT Home Hub and I "picked" a suitable Icon from the list you get when right clicking and looking in properties.
So far so good. However sometimes this one Icon (out of many on the desktop) will revert to a "plain" image-- actually the first one in the list. It can go for weeks and be OK and then it happens. When it does it wont let you alter it back- you can try and sometimes the Icon you select displays as a totally different one or not at all. You have to keep trying different ones untill you find one that works, keep it for a day or so, then apply the one you really want !!!
One of Vista's little mysteries I suppose.
I have another little issue regarding the size of the Icons but will save that for another day. (Sometimes they are a bit smaller than they should be-- medium size seems to vary on different days by around 30% or so)
Nitpicking I know but it's a puzzle.

  Pine Man 20:12 14 Jul 2008

I have exactly the same problem. Sometimes it's there and sometimes it reverts. When it reverts you can't change it back to what it was but you can change it to something else - for a while and then it may well change again!!

Just one of Vistas idiosyncrasies ;-)

  mooly 07:25 15 Jul 2008

How strange !! Is yours also an icon just for the BT Hub that gives trouble ? Very weird.
Do you have any problem with the icon size varying occasionally ( of all the icons ). What I find happens is that say 1 boot in every 10 or 15 or so, and the icons will suddenly disappear then reappear instantly but at a slightly smaller size. The text and position of them is unaffected. Next boot and there back to normal. If you right click the desktop, both "different" sizes are shown as medium.

  Pine Man 08:24 15 Jul 2008

My icon isn't for a BT hub it's for a web site that I frequently visit. My icon sizes don't vary but occasionally all of them disappear for a split second and then return.

Something I've learnt to live with!

  mooly 11:38 15 Jul 2008

Yes it keeps us all entertained.

  mooly 13:01 15 Aug 2008

Given up on this one !! Found if you ignore it, it goes back again to the one you originally wanted. Weird ! Found something out but it was all a bit involved. Apparently if it's a shortcut to a URL the icon is stored in a different and "less secure" whatever that means folder than icons for shorcuts to programs.
Ah well, not too bad if thats the only Vista problem I have.

  FatboySlim71 09:35 16 Aug 2008

I had the same problem with XP, so I don't think its just a Vista thing. :-)

  FatboySlim71 09:39 16 Aug 2008

Have you tried right clicking on the icon, on the window that appears at the bottom is the Attributes section, you need to TICK THE READ ONLY BOX, it may already have the little square filled blue, but you need to left click on this till there is a tick in the box.

Try this and see if it solves the problem.

  mooly 12:01 20 Aug 2008

Sorry for delay in replying, not notified of new postings !
It wasn't ticked --- but it is now !! Will let you know. Thanks

  mooly 11:56 22 Aug 2008

Just when it was all going so well. It's done it again -- ah well !

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