Denying MS Updates

  GrampaBill 12:32 24 Oct 2010

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium and I keep being prompted to download and install some updates which I don't want or need. Although I have a partial installation of Microsoft Office 2003, I did not install MS Outlook or Access. Despite this, I am being continually nagged to install 4 updates related to these programs, when I don't want them! Unticking the boxes has no real effect........

When I had XP on my PC, I was able to select an option something like 'Don't advise me about these updates again' but there does not appear to be a similar option in Win 7.

Is there any way of permanently denying these unwanted update prompts?


  GaT7 16:09 24 Oct 2010

I've Office XP, with only Word & Excel installed. Whenever it offers to install unrelated updates of PowerPoint, Outlook, Access & Publisher I just go ahead & do it. It sometimes also offers Office 2007 (remember my version is Office XP) updates that I also install. I've not had a single problem because of this.

In other words, the 'unrelated' updates are perfectly safe to install, & there must be a good reason (unknown to the rest of us of course) for Windows/Microsoft Office Updates offering them. G

  BRYNIT 17:11 24 Oct 2010

If its on the MS update site just highlight update right click and select hide.

  GaT7 17:22 24 Oct 2010

BRYNIT, MS Office in Win7 is most probably updated via its internal built-in updater, so the advice in l24's link will be more appropriate.

GrampaBill, as I implied before, do not stop the 'unrelated' updates from installing. I reckon they are being offered for a good reason. G

  BRYNIT 21:17 24 Oct 2010

Crossbow7. I have recently installed win7. All my MS Office and windows updates come through the same MS update site. I find a lot of MS Office Help updates that are not need as I am always connected to the net. Unless I hide these updates I am continually asked to down load them.

  GrampaBill 01:21 25 Oct 2010

Thanks for your responses - they are apreciated :)

I followed l24's advice and that stopped them. I have no wish to install irrelevant updates - I already have an ocean of MS updates without adding useless ones, which may not do any harm, but just clog up my hard disk......

Thanks again

  Jwbjnwolf 18:02 25 Oct 2010

Tick the check box if your problem is solved

  GrampaBill 13:08 26 Oct 2010


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