Defrag from command line, does it work ?

  mooly 12:55 18 Mar 2008

Hi, Defragmented my HD yesterday using command line prompt, report said 3% fragmentation. After running defragmenter, all files/folders defraged O.K. Out of interest ran command prompt again to generate report and now says 4% fragmentation. Any reason why this should be.

  anskyber 19:50 18 Mar 2008

Because the HD will never be fully defraged for a number of reasons.

Why don't you just set up an auto defrag rather than using a manual system?

  brundle 21:10 18 Mar 2008

Vista defrags automatically anyway, weekly.

  mooly 07:54 19 Mar 2008

I used to have Vista defrag weekly as you both say, until I realised it was this that played havoc with backups. Defrag in X.P. might not have been perfect but at least you got a graphical idea of what was going on. Might defrag again, perhaps from within Windows this time and then see if any different. Thanks for the replies.

  mooly 11:19 19 Mar 2008

Not going to get obsessed over this but after installing SP1 it's now at 6%.

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