Cut a person from one photo to paste into another

  tamsin 14:51 18 Aug 2010

I am running WIN 7 64 bit with Picaso and Irfanview.
I want to cut an image from one photo to paste into another photo. Can anyone please tell me which software can achieve this?

  audeal 19:22 18 Aug 2010

Photoshop is the best if you can afford it.

  a member 22:00 18 Aug 2010

any photographic suite that can work with layers will do the job there are a few ,some cheaper than others ,photoshop is the premier photoediting suite , but darned expensive ,coral do one at a fraction of the cost but even that may be more than you would want to spend ,have a look around online (google search ) for photo editing softwares ,find some that is in your price range and check out thier capabilities before you commit .most software sites for photoediting have manuals for thier software and some even have tutorials to show off their abilities .
good luck.

  bionicle 09:37 19 Aug 2010

I'm running an old programme 'Microsoft Picture it' circa 2002, which can do what you require. I am using Win 7 64bit as well but can successfully run this old programme in XP mode.

  Proclaimer 10:37 19 Aug 2010

If it is a One Off requirement then download a trial of Photoshop Elements 8 (PSE), click here that will do it for you. PSE is cheap if you shop around and version six or seven will suffice.

If you want you could try Serif PhotoplusSE, the free version click here may do it but the X2 version certainly will and that can be bought for around a tenner online.

  tamsin 14:33 19 Aug 2010

Thanks for all your suggestions, will try out Microsoft Picture It and also Photoshop Elements 8 - will also look at Serif Photoplus SE. See which one I find it easiest to use.

  john bunyan 17:29 21 Aug 2010

If you are going to be a keen photo editor, Photoshop Elements 8 will do an excellent job. There is a bit of a learning curve and it costs about £70 but if you got very keen and wanted a more advanced programme such as PS CS5, your experience with Elements 8 woukd mean a lot less to learn. If you are an occasional user only then the cheaper or free programmes above would be fine. I agree with Procliamer.

  Miké 22:05 25 Aug 2010 free click here will do the job.

  Pineman100 15:45 27 Aug 2010

Tamsin - you've had several good suggestions above for software.

Here are a couple of tips for doing the job.

When you choose the image that you want to cut out and paste into another photo, in order to make it believable, you need to pay particular attention to the lighting. Try and makes sure that the direction and quality of the light is the same in both photos.

And when you've created a marquee (ie: a mask/selection) around the image you want to cut out, before you cut it apply some feathering. In Photoshop you'll find this function on the Select menu, listed as Feather or Refine Edge. Without a little feathering, your cutout will look hard-edged and unreal.

Have fun!

  tamsin 11:53 01 Sep 2010

Thanks Pineman100
Good tip - I am still trying to get the exact reproduction I want so maybe this will do the trick.

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