Creative soundcards

  JACC 03:48 02 Apr 2008

I notice in the forums alot of angst aginst Creative soundcards (or just the drivers)Could you tell what you use and what would you recommend.

  martd77 09:49 02 Apr 2008

I have a sb audigy 7.1 se and i havent for the life of me been able to get it to work in vista consistently no matter which drivers i use,the original vista ones or the latest ones,eventually i pulled it out and use the onboard realtek 7.1 without issues.

  sunny staines 12:21 02 Apr 2008

when i ran vista beta for a short time i used an audigy 2 card. the creative beta vista drivers worked ok. updating to full vista soon just hope all will be ok a lot of doom and gloom about re creative and nvidia drivers, i sure must be down to people not using latest drivers.

  Esc4p3 12:58 02 Apr 2008

Using my Creative X-fi Extreme Audio on Vista and the drivers from the original CD that came with the product, it works really well. For me it was the updated drivers that messed things up. From memory of browsing the Creative forums, people who had the X-fi Extreme Gamer (a more expensive card) had less problems.

There are plenty of other makes of soundcards around, but I haven't got any experience of them.

  JACC 14:41 02 Apr 2008

Thankyou all for replying

  blusher 14:58 02 Apr 2008

After i had so much trouble with vista and creative Xfi soundcard i bought a razer barricuda set up i now have no problems and sound to me is fantastic in games and and music

  Coltch 15:32 02 Apr 2008

The latest Creative drivers for the X-Fi (using an Elite Pro) seem to have messed up being able to use the sub woofer (works fine in speaker properties). May switch back to the previous driver which worked perfectly.

The main gripe with the Vista drivers are that they are so inferior to the XP ones. Watching a DVD or listening to music in XP sounds far better.

  Pine Man 16:13 02 Apr 2008

My Creative X-fi Extreme Audio works very well indeed with Vista BUT because it is still using old driver technology and it will not allow SP1 to download.

Prior to that I had an Audigy 2 card which was a pig for about 6 months after Vista came out then an updated driver was provided.

If you really want to know how Creative (Vista) users feel read the forum - click here - it isn't very nice!!

  martd77 22:10 02 Apr 2008

When i got the drivers working on the sb audigy card i could only get 2.1 sound or sometimes nothing,a big company like creative cant still sort out stable enough drivers!,a friend has a cheap genius 7.1 card worked straight out of the box with vista.

  Jim_F 00:25 03 Apr 2008

Thanks to the modded drivers that all the fuss is about I finally got my Audigy 1 back working - Creative still only officially offers drivers first posted March last year.

The Audigy had everything I wanted - soundfonts (programmable instruments), Surround (5.1), and digital IO with a front panel but it wasn't cheap and is now getting 'end-of-life' treatment from Creative - not something that makes me inclined to buy any of the new products or recommend them.

(Also Goggle for issues with bios campatibility and electrical interference).

My mobo hd sound chipsets (Realtek and C-Media) do seem to give good sound (I can't hear any difference for sound playback) but just don't offer the range of features.

The smart money on midi and high quality audio now seems to be on off-board kit via USB.

  Coltch 08:03 03 Apr 2008

My mobo has the Realtek HD audio codec on it and I used to think the sound quality was very good (it was over the old AC97 codec on my previous m/b), until I purchased an X-Fi Elite Pro - the difference in sound quality was amazing.

The major plus of the X-Fi I have is the I/O box, the number of connections and controls, which are all easy to get to - I've started transfering my old vinyl to MP3 as it contains a pre-amp for my turntable.

I agree that the support from creative on a £200 sound card is not good enough (even the Audigy 2 is still a good card but not supported properly in Vista)

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