Creating stationery in Windows Live Mail

  Paul33 10:57 12 Jun 2012

I've recently upgraded from XP to Win 7 and therefore moved from my much loved Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail !

My biggest issue at the moment is that WLM doesn't seem capable of using my html based email stationery that I used in OE. Is there any way that I can use or import these html files into WLM so that I can use them as stationery ?

If I can't then how do I recreate them in WLM ?

  difarn 14:01 12 Jun 2012

You may find these links of interest.

Link 1

Link 2

link 3

  Paul33 15:55 12 Jun 2012

Link 1 is dead, Link 2 appears to be talking about a package I don't have (is there a Windows Mail and a Windows Live Mail because my WLM has no tools menu as referred to and Link 3 just adds pretty pictures to the top of the email stationery !

  Paul33 16:28 12 Jun 2012

According to Microsoft, Windows Live Mail 2011 "does not do stationery" ...... which seems a staggering backward step.

Now I'm left with a piece of email software that falls way short of my requirements.

Anybody have any alternatives that will allow html based stationery in the way that Outlook Express did ?

  difarn 17:55 12 Jun 2012

Have you considered trying to download Windows Live Mail 2009 which seems to be when stationery was an option?

Would you consider using another e-mail client such as Thunderbird - this has a stationery add-on that will allow you to use HTML files as templates for e-mails. Information here.

  Paul33 17:59 12 Jun 2012

Could I simply download and run WLM 2009 ?

Thunderbird is okay but has real problems importing WLM data and I daren't risk losing it all.

  difarn 18:50 12 Jun 2012

I don't see any reason why not - found this link to a download.

  Paul33 19:18 12 Jun 2012

Got rid of WLM2011 and now have WLM2009 and the change kept all of my data intact too so I'm off to explore this version which I'm hoping will be more flexible !

Thanks for your help.

  Paul33 19:23 12 Jun 2012

Worked perfectly and WLM2009 allows html stationery so problem solved !

  difarn 21:43 12 Jun 2012

Excellent news - glad to help.

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