Create new backup disk in Windows 7

  Guady 13:20 05 Apr 2014

I have been trying to create a new version of my BackUp disk and it just won't do it! I get an error Code: 0x8007045D but when I look for this on the MS help site, it's so complicated that I really can't understand it! It talks about changing the Registry - which I think is beyond my capabilities. It does say it's an important fault, though! So - please can anyone help me by explaining in simple terms what I should do to try to get over the problem. I have a very old BackUp disk from last year (I know I should do it more often!) but thought it better to try doing a full new one, as I'd left it so long between times. Please help!

  BRYNIT 14:06 05 Apr 2014

What are you trying to back up?

What program are you using to create the backup disk?

  Guady 14:24 05 Apr 2014

I'm using the Windows 7 BackUp program and want to just do a general backup of my laptop. The last time I did this it went okay and I still have the DVD but - as it's quite some time ago - I now want to prepare a completely new version on a different DVD.

  lotvic 19:37 05 Apr 2014

"want to just do a general backup of my laptop"

Do you want to back up your personal data files and folders in your Documents and your emails?

and/or Windows 7 operating system, installed programs etc.

It won't all fit on a DVD. A DVD will only hold just over 4GB

  Aitchbee 10:43 06 Apr 2014

I would suggest using check disk on your main (C:) drive by clicking on error-checking under the TOOLS tab and tick both of the check disk options.

This will schedule a thorough check of your system files and hard drive in case of errors [at the next restart].

Perhaps a system restore to an earlier time might also be helpful for you to backup to some blank DVDs using the W7 backup program.

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