Corrupted Downloads from Giveaway of the Day

  MIke 11:00 04 Dec 2012


Anyone having any issues with Giveaway of the Day? Occasionally they have useful software for free and I have installed a couple of programs. However recently I've been getting errors saying that the setup file is corrupted and to download again. I do so but still get corrupted files.

I've downloaded set up files from other sites, including directly from the site that belongs to the developer that is giving their software away on the GOTD site and have had no issues. Thinking it might be a problem with unzipping of the zip file from GOTD I've tried other unzipping software to that included in Win 7 but still find the setup file is corrupted.

I'm running Win 7 64 bit Home premium, and have had no issues with downloads of any type from any other site. Any ideas?

  MIke 11:02 04 Dec 2012

I've also tried other browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE) but still get corruption error

  microsomma 11:17 04 Dec 2012


If you have another computer try downloading it on that and see if the problem follows, if so, then it's likely the source file is corrupted.



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  microsomma 18:59 04 Dec 2012

"(Post edited by FE to remove a website address - we don't permit commercial promotion in our forum threads)"

This is a shame FE, it's all i required to provide free professional support.



  MIke 19:07 04 Dec 2012

I've tried downloading to my netbook, and it works fine there, however when I copy the files I've downloaded to the netbook to my laptop I still get the message to say the setup file is corrupted.Like I said though any other zip or exe I download to my laptop functions correctly, so I'm baffled, esp as I have dowloaded and installed the occasional program from the site with no issues.

  MIke 19:43 06 Dec 2012

I did wonder if it was my antivirus, I use MS Security essentials, but I've got that on the netbook too! The only other thing I can think of is drivers as the two machines have different Wireless adaptors if that is the case I'm stuck. Luckily I don't see too much on GOTD that I want, but occasionally there is a useful giveaway.

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