copying pictures to flash drive

  sheila.weston 12:03 20 Jun 2009

I have just bought a Sandisk 4giga flashdrive and am not sure how to use it! I want to copy some folders from my Pictures Folder on the Vista laptop. I right-clicked the folder and copied the files, but when I right-click on the drive there is no option to paste. What have i missed?

  chub_tor 12:12 20 Jun 2009

What I do is to Open the Flash Drive so you can see its contents, Open the folder with your pictures in it then just click and drag them from the picture folder to the flash drive.

  mooly 18:07 20 Jun 2009

Start again :)... you open pictures on the laptop, find a file or folder, whatever it is you want to copy and right click it.
Now you will see a box that say's "send to". Put your cursor over it and a new menu appears listing drives and so on. Your flash drive will show as something like "removable drive F or G or something. Just click that and the file goes across.
Now go to "computer" in the start menu (click the orb bottom right) and your flash memory will show as whatever drive it's been allocated, usually "F". Click it and "explore" and your folder will be there. If you want to move it back to the laptop, just right click it and use the "send to" thing again, or drag and drop over to the left pane folders on your PC. Dead easy :)

  Peter 00:41 21 Jun 2009


Perhaps your flash drive is Write Protected. Some flash drives have a small switch on the side, which prevents writing to the drive or the deletion of files on the drive, if switched on. If your drive has such a switch try sliding it to its other position.


  sheila.weston 09:47 21 Jun 2009

Many thanks, all. Problem sorted now. It worked with dragging the folder/files over. I don't use this option often in case it moves instead of copies.

  Peter 12:00 21 Jun 2009


If you Right-Click and Hold, instead of Left-Click and Hold when you drag your files, you will get a drop-down menu when you release the right button. This gives you options to Copy, Move, etc so you can chose the one you want.


  chub_tor 12:09 21 Jun 2009

If you are dragging from folder to folder on the same drive it will Move if you drag from drive to drive it will Copy. If you want to Copy from file to file on the same drive then hold the Ctrl key down while you drag.

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