Connecting via a Homegroup a Win7 laptop & Win8.1 Computer

  ChrisAnnSen 10:29 11 Feb 2014

We created a workgroup/homegroup between our old XP machine and the Win7 laptop.

We now have a Win8.1 computer which we need to connect to the Win7 laptop via a homegroup.

The Win8.1 computer can see and open files on the Win7 laptop but the laptop can't access files on the Win8.1 computer it keeps saying we don't have permission.

We've shared everything we can think of.

The laptop can open files in the Public Folders on the computer but not those in our user name.

Both computers claim to be on a Workgroup - but we think they may be two different workgroups. We've even attempted to leave a workgroup on both machines but the Win7 laptop won't allow it. We left and created a new workgroup on the Win8.1 computer but can't join it on the Laptop.

There doesn't appear to be a way of naming a workgroup so we've no idea which one either computer is on.

Any ideas please?

  ChrisAnnSen 14:47 11 Feb 2014

We've managed it - not through Homegroup but via Network. Not sure what we did, ticked everything we could find and finally we can now see, use and resave on the PC from the laptop.

  fredsboy 12:27 12 Feb 2014

I tried to do just this last year without success. Raised a question on this forum but nobody seemed to know the answer. Hopefully someone might see your question this time and have the answer.

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