connect pc to tv black screen ( vga/hdmi)

  willywonjka 19:33 08 Jul 2015

have a desktop pc and recently I tried to connect it to the pc instead of the monitor.My monitor uses the res 1280x1024 ( 5:4 ) ratio and the TV uses 1366x768 ( i guess this is the right res).I tried to connect my pc to tv via VGA and followed microsoft's guide but the unique thing I can see is a black screen on my TV.My computer somehow detects that I'm connecting it to the TV because it changes the resolution from 1280x1024 to 1366x768 alone.I was able to see my desktop on the TV only 10 seconds then the TV turned again black .I then bought a HDMI cable but the same,the TV shows a black screen and sometimes it shows 1080p or 480p.What's wrong?

  willywonjka 08:48 09 Jul 2015

pls help

  Jollyjohn 10:48 09 Jul 2015

Are you changing the input / source mode on the tv?

If you change the source to something not connected do you get a warning box on the tv? If so, does it go off when you try the computer?

  willywonjka 11:20 09 Jul 2015

Thanks for answering . Yes I change the input on my TV.When I connect the VGA i put PC RGB ( as written on the TV) and when I connect HDMI i select HDMI.Yes for example if I select PC RGB and I connect the HDMI it says : PC not connected.When I connect the computer to the TV and I select the right input the TV shows only a black screen.If I connect the pc to TV via VGA it changes automatically the resolution from 1280x1024 to 1360x768.

  willywonjka 11:52 09 Jul 2015

also if I don't move the mouse for 5 minutes and the TV is connected, the TV will show no HDMI connection/VGA(if the monitor is conncted,it just goes blank until i move the mouse).So the TV kinda detects the pc but no image?Maybe I should set a specific refresh rate or resolution?

  Jollyjohn 13:18 09 Jul 2015

OK. It is a resolution issue. You will need your tv handbook to find the correct resolution and the PC must be set to this before connecting to the TV.

Concentrate on getting PC / VGA working first before trying HDMI.

I have my main PC running into a 22" Technika tv at a res of 1680 x 1050 but HDMI doesn't support this res and I get a black stripe either side of the picture if I try HDMI.

  willywonjka 14:13 09 Jul 2015

update: I tried connectin again pc to TV using HDMI and I could see the pc for 10 s again but with a bad quality.One of my friends used Teamviewer and said me it might be a Hz problem ,he said he only saw maximum Hz rate was 30 ?

  Jollyjohn 11:13 10 Jul 2015

Yes it could be a refresh rate issue, again look in tv manual for settings, apply to PC before connecting to tv.

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