Computer won't boot

  hiwatt 20:17 08 Jun 2007

Hi folks,I had left the computer for 15 minutes and when I returned it had froze so I had to switch it of at the tower but it wouldn't reboot.A black screen appeared saying something like system boot failure enter disc.It wouldn't even give me the option to start in safe mode and the disc drive was opening and closing itself?I tried several times switching it on and off only to get the same result.After leaving it for over an hour It eventually rebooted but I'm scared the same thing will happen again,any ideas on how to prevent this or what is wrong?Thanks folks.

  Ben 216 22:42 10 Jun 2007

The system boot failure happens when your PC can't find anything to boot off, ie. no hard drive, so will ask for a CDROM or floppy disk.

It could be that your hard drive has become corrupt, but that would normally be a permanent error. If it does manage to boot windows will often find a corrupt file and sometimes miraculously recovers itself.

Have you checked all your cables are firmly attached? A loose data or power cable to your hard drive could cause this problem.

  skidzy 23:00 10 Jun 2007

Could this be related to your previous thread click here

If so,could be overheating !

  hiwatt 08:11 11 Jun 2007

Thanks folks,I've checked all the cables,they're all ok also the fans at the back of the computer are working and are really cool so no overheating.It's a strange one,it looked as though it had had it but started working again.I'm not sure what to do as it's brand new?

  Probabilitydrive 08:43 11 Jun 2007

As it is a new system you will have some warranty. Get in touch with the technical support department of your manufacturer/system assembler and give them a (preferably) detailed account of what happened, what error messages you see and what troubleshooting procedures are needed.

A new machine is also subject to a cooling off period (you can return the machine if its within 7 working days) a fit for purpose clause (your machine needs to suit your specific needs-if it doesn't work, that would infringe on this right.

So, there are initially 3 (or more approaches)

1) get advice for the forum here
2) get in touch with your system builder
3) inform yourself about your rights (sales of goods act)

  pk46 14:22 19 Jun 2007

Check in the bios that your HHD has not been disabled this has happened to me can't give a reason why the computer would want todo that but there you go.

  hiwatt 19:20 20 Jun 2007

Can you tell me how I check the bios please?

  madgamer234 20:09 20 Jun 2007

when in bios go to EXIT tab and choose LOAD DEFAULT SETTINGS or similar.
arrow back to BOOT ORDER section and make hard drive the first choice in boot order.
EXIT and SAVE choice.

  Ben 216 17:58 22 Jun 2007

When you turn your PC on you will see a message (briefly) along the lines of press F8/Esc to enter BIOS/Setup. Exactly how you check depends on your BIOS type, but have a browse through and you sould see somthing like Boot order or boot device, and an option of 1st/2nd/3rd etc. and what the device is. Remember if you acudentally change somthing and are not sure what you've done just go to the exit tab and "Exit without saving changes"

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