Computer shows black screen after safemode start up

  SeanDabbs 13:53 01 May 2015

please help!

My computer was running fine, I wanted to run in safe mode - after unsuccessfully restarting in safe mode via the restart option, I went into the boot tab and did it that way (as shown here - 5 Ways to Boot into Safe Mode in Windows 8 & Windows 8.1)

After restarting, the computer turns on lights are working but monitor shows NO signs of life at all, no cursor, no flickering of anything.

I changed monitors and restarted, checked wires, turned off and on several times. Tried pressing f8 on start up, tried pressing f8 and shift on start up - but NOTHING

I also spent the last few hours combing through similar threads, most of which mention a windows 8 update and incompatibility with the graphics card. I purchased my computer only a few months ago, it came with windows 8.1 pre-installed. I use the computer for 3d sculpting so it is pretty powerful for that reason

PLEASE help!!

  SeanDabbs 14:10 01 May 2015

computer info - PcCom Gaming Experience i7-4770K/16 GB/2TB + 250 SSD/GTX 780

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:40 01 May 2015

Try tapping F4 on startup

  SeanDabbs 18:42 01 May 2015

tried - nothing :( thanks for the suggestion though!

  rdave13 19:18 01 May 2015

What video ports does it have? Possibly it reverts to on-board graphics in safe mode.

  SeanDabbs 19:40 01 May 2015

a VGA port and HDMI (tried using both) . How would on-board graphics make a difference? thanks!

  rdave13 00:12 02 May 2015

If you've tried both ports in safe mode then no difference. Depends if you have a dedicated, as well as, onboard graphics. Google shows this about your machine but its all Spanish to me.

  Dashing_star 08:11 02 May 2015

Hi seanDabbs,

May be RAM issue cause the monitor with no signal.. swap out the RAM hear beeps...and then clean the slots.. Replace it... Hope it helps.

  SeanDabbs 08:57 02 May 2015

many thanks for the advice dashing_star , how do 'swap out the ram?' just take it out and put it in again?

  SeanDabbs 09:38 02 May 2015

just to be clear - I tried starting in safemode a couple of times before, but the computer did not 'seem' to boot up, so I just reset it, and it ran normally (no safe mode). Then I selected 'start up safe mode' as a boot option (from MSCONFIG), that is why I have this issue now. It seems when I tried to start up in safe mode before the computer WAS booting up, it just wasn't showing anything on the monitors like it is now

  SeanDabbs 09:40 02 May 2015

rdave13 - how do I determine if I have a 'dedicated, as well as, onboard graphics'?

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