computer says no

  dumb_haddik 18:52 17 Apr 2007

i recently bought vissta, and there are lots of programs which dont work, vista says that there is compatibility issues with partition magic 8 does anyone know if there is al ater release of this program, or a vista update available


  riiverstock 19:34 17 Apr 2007

Have you tried Google with the text -
"partition magic 8 vista problem"?!

I would.

  anskyber 19:49 17 Apr 2007

I think riiverstock is trying to tell you that Google links suggest that PM has real difficulty with Vista, which of course is what the Vista program told you.

I'm sorry that riiverstock could not have helped you further.

  rodriguez 22:13 17 Apr 2007

When Vista comes up saying there's a compatibility issue, I usually just run the program anyway and see if there's anything wrong with the performance. Usually the program will run fine, but if you have problems with abnormal behaviour and crashes, then it isn't Vista compatible and it should be uninstalled and replaced with the latest version (if there is a Vista compatible version available). One last resort is to right click on the program file or shortcut, select Properties, go to the Compatibilty tab and tick the "Run this program in compatibilty mode for:" and select Windows XP (or whatever other operating system it usually runs fine on), click Apply and OK and try it then.

  riiverstock 22:31 17 Apr 2007

anskyber,please do not apologise for me.

The search produced many reals issues including an update for PM.Too many to list.

Please,I would like a little bit of space, inorder for me to help in my own way.

  dumb_haddik 18:48 08 May 2007

thanks rodriguez, i did try to run the proram anyway, but it came up saying my drives, which were fine, had sector errors or something like that, and that certain files had failed to laod.

  skidzy 21:57 09 May 2007

Am i on the wrong track here..

Vista has its own built-in hard drive partition management with the ability to shrink, create and format new partitions without the dreaded fdisk, third-party software, or even rebooting your PC.

click here

  skidzy 21:57 09 May 2007

Or if you prefer Partition Logic,but do read the caution notes click here

  ventanas 09:29 10 May 2007

I would not risk any disc utility written for earlier versions of Windows, unless you want an expensive ornament. I replaced all of mine when I purchased a Vista machine. As for your other programs, unless they are very old you should not have too many problems.I have successfully installed programs dating back to 1997. Try right clicking the setup file and choosing to install as XP in the Compatibility tab, or simply select Run as Administrator from the context menu and OK the UAC prompt. Many installations fail because users do not understand how the admin account runs in Vista. To put it simply it doesn't, despite what you have set yourself up as you will always run as a standard user, until you tell the system otherwise. This is part of the UAC procedure, and I would not recommend turning it off, as others have done.

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