Computer freezes after Internet Explorer used

  Wrinkly70 12:03 25 Aug 2010

Packard Bell Windows 7 64 bit. Any IE8 shortcut works, then computer freezes; keyboard not usable.
have to use mouse to Start/Restart.

  gengiscant 08:44 26 Aug 2010

A trio of things you can try.
1: open IE then tools then manage add-ons and diable all add-ons then enable one by one untill you get your problem.
2: reset IE8. Start IE8 then internet options then advanced then reset. Restart IE8.
3: uninsall then reinstall IE8.

  gengiscant 08:44 26 Aug 2010


  Wrinkly70 09:05 26 Aug 2010

Thank you; "reset" fixed the problem.
Wrinkly (and getting very wrinkly)

  gengiscant 11:12 26 Aug 2010

Your welcome (from another wrinkly.LOL)

  shallyd 06:14 06 Sep 2010

Unfreezing a Frozen Computer
If the entire system freezes up, it will need to be rebooted. To do so, hold down the "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys. While holding both keys down, press the "Delete" key twice. This should shut down the system and automatically restart it. If the computer does not respond, try the keyboard shortcut once more. If it remains frozen and does not reboot, you will need to perform a hard shut down. This simply means pressing and holding down the power button until the computer completely shuts down. Once it has shut down, leave it off for a few minutes and then turn the power on once more.

Continuous Freezing
A frozen computer might be a one-time occurrence, or it could be the sign of a more serious problem. If the computer continues to freeze up, there are several items that should be checked out. The first step to take is looking at any recently installed software. Programs such as freeware or shareware often contain malware that can damage the system. Even reputable software can contain a damaged file. Uninstall recently added programs and determine if that was the cause of the computer freezing up. To uninstall a program, go to the Control Panel from the Start Menu. Select "Add/Remove Programs" in Windows XP or earlier, or "Programs and Features" in Windows Vista. In the list of installed programs, select the one to be removed and click "Uninstall." Follow any prompts and restart the computer when the process is complete. Next, update and run both the antivirus program and spyware removal program installed on the computer, or use the link provided in resources. Check the Windows website and download any updates.

System Tools
Finally, you will want to check the available space on the computer's hard drive and use the built-in error checking and cleaning tools. Go to "My Computer," right click "Local Disk (C:)" and click "Properties." On the "General" tab, make sure there is sufficient free space. The "Disk Cleanup" tool will free more space by deleting unnecessary files. Click the "Disk Cleanup" button to run the tool. On the "Tools" tab there are more tools that can solve the problems causing a computer to freeze up. The Error Checking Tool finds and corrects hard disk errors and the Defragmentation tool will reorganize system files, helping the computer run better.

for more info click here

  Simon y 15:14 12 Oct 2010

this may be helpful

<a href="click here">Internet explorer</a>

  kristain 08:56 13 Oct 2010

Following are the possible reasons of computer freezes:

1. Virus attack

2. Low memory according to operating system

3. Huge amount of temporary files

4. Hardware problem

5. Software problem

6. Driver Problems
Slow computer on Start Up
Try the followings:

1. Scan your pc to remove virus/spyware
2. Restore your computer if it was running fine previously
3. delete your cookies, unwanted files, etc
4. Run system fragmentation

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