Computer crashing randomly when doing anything

  ComputerUter 12:53 19 Feb 2016

It used to only happen with steam games but now it just crashes when it feels like it, doesn't happen when doing nothing at all but if something is playing such as videos or browser games it will potentially crash to a black screen. I'm making a new post since the other one had an incorrect title for the issue that is happening now. Computer is windows 10 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 and an AMD FX-8320E processor. I have 20 minidumps since the 11th so that's how much it has crashed so far.

  wee eddie 13:14 19 Feb 2016

A possibility is overheating ~ have you tried cleaning the dust out of the inside?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:44 19 Feb 2016

Bluescreenview will read the mini dumps and give further information on the cause.

as wee edie suggests a good clean out is probably needed.

  ComputerUter 15:25 19 Feb 2016

I opened the case and the inside was rather clean with no dust blockages or anything, bluescreenview gave this

  ComputerUter 15:25 19 Feb 2016

If that picture is even ledgible

  ComputerUter 15:30 19 Feb 2016

Better image click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 19 Feb 2016

have a read click here

  ComputerUter 20:52 19 Feb 2016

I think I found the problem, it only crashed when playing a FLASH game or watching which uses FLASH and since uninstalling flash player it hasn't crashed yet so I should think that was a problem but don't know how that would cause a hardware error and I would rather have flash than not have it since so many things I do use flash, I will say if any more crashes happen. The issue I had with that game seems completely different and I could still use help on that if possible.

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