Compatbility mode problem

  GrumpyTrucker 11:16 02 Aug 2009

I closed iTunes yesterday and a message popped up saying that the program caused a problem and that compatability mode has been activated for the next time it runs. Every time I open iTunes I now get a message saying that it's running in Compatability Mode for an older versions of windows and it should be turned off to avoid problems.

However, on checking the properties of itunes.exe there is no Compatability Mode selected there. Any ideas how to reset this 'feature' and stop it annoying me?

  Pine Man 13:35 02 Aug 2009

Try right-clicking on the iTunes icon where you should find the ability to 'Troubleshoot Compatibility'

  GrumpyTrucker 13:58 02 Aug 2009

Yeah, did that. It then set it as Compatability for Vista SP2. Every time I start iTunes I got the message that compat mode should be turned off. Did that, so there is NO compatability mode set either at the itunes.exe or at the .lnk but am still getting a message (presumably from within itunes) that Compatability Mode should be turned off. So, it is off yet itunes thinks it's not.

It's not causing any problems, except one extra click when starting the program - and I've got to reinstall everything when 7 officially comes out in October (usual MS delayed release notwithstanding) so it's not urgent - just irritating

  Pine Man 15:06 02 Aug 2009

Strange that. I've got iTunes but it has never invoked the compatibility stuff.

Still, as you say, it is only for another 3 months and we can all start re-installing again!

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