keith mac 09:54 03 Dec 2007

I've studied the threads dealing with the limitations of Vista's firewall.

Is COMODO now the recommended freeware product? If so, does it work well / is it easy to use?

If not, is there a good freeware or low cost alternative?

  anskyber 10:11 03 Dec 2007

Comodo certainly has a good reputation for firewall effectiveness. This recent thread suggests that there may be teething problems with the latest version. click here Others may help here but perhaps a trawl around Comodo's own forum may help.

  anskyber 10:13 03 Dec 2007

Comodo firewall users forum click here

  keith mac 11:35 03 Dec 2007

Thanks anskyber. It looks like there's still problems with it. I've downloaded the software but I'll hang fire on installing it for a while...

Thanks PS for the forum link...I'll register for a look-see some time.

Why couldn't Microsoft have given Vista an easily configurable outbound blocking mechanism? Same reason, perhaps, that 3rd party firewalls are still flaky?

Is paid software available / any better?

  anskyber 11:52 03 Dec 2007

For firewalls there seems to be no advantage I can see to buy rather than use the free version.

Zonealarm and PC Tools now do free Vista compliant versions but again there have been mixed reports. The view I take is unless you feel there is an absolute necessity to change the firewall then it's probably best to wait for the likes of Comodo to settle down.

I use a modem/router with a hardware firewall so the current Windows firewall with that I see as good enough for the moment.

I have used zoneAlarm in the past (in XP) and it was fine although a bit naggy.

  keith mac 20:10 03 Dec 2007

Thanks for your views anksyber.

I had looked at ZA and PC Tools too and reached the same conclusion. I used ZA with XP for 3 years without problem so I'll hope for a stable release soon. Or better reports on Comodo...

I, too, have a router with firewall but when I'm on the road I rely on whatever wireless connection I find on campgrounds at which time I have no outbound protection.

Hard to know if I'm being paranoid but I heed what I read and want to protect my computer. It cost me a lot of money and I need reliability.

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