Command Prompt - Drag & Drop

  Peter 01:04 06 Jan 2008

When using the DOS (Command) Prompt with Windows 95 & 98SE I have been able to drag and drop file names from Windows Explorer, or the desktop, onto the command line of the DOS Prompt. For example when comparing files I type FC and a space into the command line and then drag and drop the file names onto the command line.

I have been trying to do this under Vista, but when I try to drag and drop a file name onto the command line all I get is a "No Entry" sign and I am unable to drop the file name onto the command line.

If anyone knows how to drag & drop onto the command line under Vista could you please explain how?


  MCE2K5 02:04 06 Jan 2008

I didn't know that, XP does it as well.

However that don't help you, Have you tried Copy & Paste.

  BurrWalnut 09:39 06 Jan 2008

Copy (Ctrl + C) then paste by using the mouse right-click > Paste.

  anskyber 10:39 06 Jan 2008

It has been removed as a feature for security reasons, there is a non Microsoft fix if you are so inclined. click here

  Peter 19:26 06 Jan 2008

Thanks everyone for your replies, sorry to take so long to reply, but I have been a bit busy today.

MCE2K5 - There are probably quite a few people that do not know about the "drag and drop to the command line "feature and therefore won't miss it in Vista.

BurrWalnut - I found the copy and paste options on the edit menu of the DOS Box (Cntrl-C & Cntrl-V) don't work, but this does not capture the path to the file which can be a bit of a pain to type in.

anskyber - Thanks for the link; I will give it a good read and try it out when I get a chance.


  Peter 21:37 06 Jan 2008

BurrWalnut - Well at lease the Shift-Right Click menu option of "Copy as Path" goes some way to solving the problem.


  Peter 12:42 07 Jan 2008


I have downloaded and installed Send-To-Toys, which is useful for tailoring the Send-To menu, but the Shift-Right Click "Copy as Path" feature has been most useful if somewhat more tedious than the XP, and previous, drag and drop option.


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