Clean Install from an Upgrade disk is no more...

  powerless 13:53 28 Jan 2007
  Fateful Shadow 15:09 28 Jan 2007

So I have XP MCE installed on my machine. According to the 1st link (as it is a genuine copy) I can use an upgrade disk to clean install Vista if I do it through XP...

I'm confused =/

  powerless 16:03 28 Jan 2007

No that's not a clean install when the original OS is on the HDD and then you pop in the upgrade disk and it will upgrade everything to the newer OS.

A clean install [as it has been] is when you start from scratch as it were and to qualify for the upgrade you have to insert a previous [qaualifying] OS disk.

With Vista you cannot do the later. You now can only upgrade when the original [previous OS] is on the HDD.

  Fateful Shadow 16:12 28 Jan 2007

Ok, so in my situation I could only upgrade my system and keep all of my applications and files, instead of being ablke to get rid of everything and start again?

Sorry if I seem ignorant, I'm incredibly tired =/

  The Brigadier 16:16 28 Jan 2007

Goes to show that migrating to Linux was doddle after all.

  powerless 16:22 28 Jan 2007

That's it yes.

  Fateful Shadow 16:38 28 Jan 2007

I've heard many stories about upgrades going wrong and failing, hence a clean install being the only way to go.

So does this mean rip-off prices AND the possibility of spending more than originally planned?! =/

  powerless 16:53 28 Jan 2007

For the FULL [NOT Upgrade] licence yes.

  sunny staines 20:39 28 Jan 2007

looks to me like about an hour will be wasted doing a basic bare bones install of xp just to do a clean install of vista & each and every time yon need to do a reformat and reinstall.

Is that right or have i miss read it.

  powerless 21:24 28 Jan 2007


A clean intall is not even installing the old OS and then installing the newer OS over the top.

The only time you even come to the previous OS when doing a clean install with an upgrade is inserting the old OS disk to prove you are entitled to the upgrade.

  anskyber 22:03 28 Jan 2007

OK. I think I follow. Setting aside my decision to not go with Vista under the current pricing structure I am still interested in the issues.

Is it your view that for OEM versions with restore partitions and no original OS disc (like for Dells) the Vista disc will not recognise the hidden partition and therefore will only permit a clean install?

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