Choose monitor resolution, or customise 125% font size?

  fostertom 19:55 13 Jan 2014

About to buy 2 new bigger monitors.

Presently have 2 20" 1920x1080 running at W7's 125% font size - poor old eyes now need bigger text, but still need to see same or more stuff on screen - therefore bigger monitors reqd.

Seems to me, from my laptop, that running at 125% or 150% can make bottom of some pages fall off the screen, so can't scroll or reach buttons.

2 questions:

Is it best to run strictly at 100% (default) font size?

If so, then I need to choose monitor size and resolution to give the desired font size at 100% font size.

By my calc, 27" 1920x1080s running at W7's 100% font size wd give on-screen text same size as if present 20"'s were running at W7 135% font size. That (135 vs 125) cd be the extra size I need.

Or shd I get 27" 2560x1440s and crank W7 up to 125% or 150%?

  fostertom 08:49 14 Jan 2014

That Ctrl+scrollwheel works on websites, docs, xls etc, and the main field of explorer etc but not Windows stuff like icons, menus, left hand tree panel of explorer.

I'm talking about R click on desktop>Screen Resolution>Make text and other items larger or smaller>100%, 125% or 150%.

I've found, and read, that 125% or 150% can make pages display wrongly, esp on small laptop.

So is it advised to stick to 100% if possible?

  wee eddie 09:20 14 Jan 2014

Cheap reading glasses from Boots or Tesco might be the easy answer

  fostertom 09:04 15 Jan 2014

To restate my question:

In Control Panel>Display>Size of text and other items Is it generally advisable to run display at 100% default (or maybe 125% is OK?) - because at 150% it says "some items may not fit on your screen ..." - and I have seen this cause trouble (on small laptop).

What's the best advice on this?

  wee eddie 11:25 15 Jan 2014

Firstly: Run your screen at it's "Default" Resolution, regardless.

Secondly: You may change the size of the item on the Screen, at will, but need to remember to return this to 100% after you finish reading the particular document or everything else will be displayed at this magnification.

Obviously, the more you increase the magnification the less of the document will appear on your screen. However, you have a Left/Right Scroll bar at the Bottom as well as an Up/Down Scroll Bar as the side, so it's not really a problem.

However, I reiterate my advice, get cheap reading glasses. It's much simpler. My Optician made me a special pair as I have astigmatism in one eye. All we had to do was to measure the normal distance between my eyes and the Screen.

  fostertom 12:34 15 Jan 2014

Yes, monitor at default resolution, obviously - this Q is not about that. And it's not about Ctrl+scrollwheel.

'change item size at will' - I'm talking about doing it by Control Panel>Display>'Size of text and other items' - is that what you mean? I wouldn't want to set that back to 100%, as a re-boot is reqd.

The 'end falling off screen' problem isn't about docs, xls etc, but about Windows items e.g. when you can't see the bottom of a dialog to click the OK button or even to dismiss. That kind of thing happens at 150% on my small laptop.

I take the point about special specs - but know I can do without them, as (so far) I only need 1.25 in cheap reading glasses.

  fostertom 10:26 19 Jan 2014


  wee eddie 13:14 19 Jan 2014

What's wrong with Reading Glasses.

The fact that your 1.25 Glasses do not magnify sufficiently for you to read the screen at it's normal setting, point out that a stronger pair is called for.

They are just a tool, nothing more.

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