cheaper way to upgrade

  SLAYER 18:23 01 Feb 2007

Came across this article.
click here

scroll down to Top Story.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:44 01 Feb 2007

SLAYER - got that too via Fred Langa - seems good if it works :)

  SLAYER 18:57 01 Feb 2007

If and when I upgrade will certainly be looking closely at this.Saves a few bob if it works.

  SLAYER 20:06 01 Feb 2007

Bring it on.

  PaulB2005 20:14 01 Feb 2007

"But the "FAST" Brigade will be on your Arse.. Because technically this is illegal."

"Bring it on."

OK. The only reason it gets mentioned that some methods are illegal is because this is not the forum to discuss such matters and people reading the information have a right to know if something is legal or not.

Those who post stating that the information is illegal don't necessarily sympathise with MS or agree with the situation but recognise the LEGAL ramifications of posting such information. That is all. Not necessarily taking the moral high ground but just making sure the FACTS are being passed on and not some mangled interpretation of the licensing laws.

  SLAYER 20:16 01 Feb 2007

fair enough.

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