Changing partitions in Vista

  Catastrophe 12:30 15 Jan 2008

I have recently changed to Vista and need to use disk management, having previously always used Partition Magic.

My main HDD is currently in 5 partitions:
C: Boot NTFS Primary 20.48 GB
D: NTFS Logical 1 GB (created in trying to extend C:)
E: NTFS Logical 17.82 GB
Free space 13.67 GB
Unlettered (can't change letter) Primary 21.59 GB

I cannot Extend Volume C: (grey).

Any suggestions on how to extenc C: gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance.


  Catastrophe 12:45 15 Jan 2008

A search has revealed this:

"You won't be able to touch the boot or System drive using Vista's built in Disk Management Application."

So it seems I am stuck. True?

  BurrWalnut 15:52 15 Jan 2008

If you don't need information other than drive C, delete the other partitions in Disk Management. Now set up a drive D and then shrink D and Extend C, all in Disk Management.

  Catastrophe 18:38 15 Jan 2008


Many thanks. I will try that tomorrow and report back.


  Modo 19:12 15 Jan 2008

click here

But my experience of this software is worst than bad.

Partition Magic for Vista please!

  Catastrophe 08:57 16 Jan 2008


I have done as suggected and have:
I shrank D: and have smaller D: with Free Space.

If I R click C: the extend volume option is grey.

Any ideas please?


  Catastrophe 09:23 16 Jan 2008

I have been trying to do this using DISKPART at the command prompt but it does not want to work.

On checking further in HELP extend a simple or spanned volume it says:

"You cannot extend the current system or boot partitions"

so it looks as if I will have to format and start over. <Sigh>

Thanks to those who tried to help.

  AltF4 17:09 18 Jan 2008

Dont know about extending - havent tried yet - but I wanted to shrink C: down from 149Gb (only want the Opsys in that ptn) and DiskManagement & DISKPART wouldnt play despite there being 120+Gb freespace - GParted did the trick , took some time but all seems OK since... YMMV

  BurrWalnut 20:18 18 Jan 2008

The shrink partition utility can only decrease the partition size down to the first unmovable/locked system file. To get round this, temporarily turn off System Restore, do the shrink and turn System Restore back on. Running a defrag may also move some of the ‘unmovable’ files.

Alternatively, you can shrink partitions by running the diskpart command from the Vista DVD, which avoids the occurrence of locked files.

  Catastrophe 23:52 18 Jan 2008

Apparently you CANNOT extend from C: which is why I marked this thread RESOLVED.

If you believe otherwise PLEASE tell me how.


  BurrWalnut 08:34 19 Jan 2008

I was replying to AltF4's shrink question.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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