Changing icon and toolbar size in Vista

  sheila.weston 12:49 28 Jan 2009

How do I change the icon and toolbar sizes in various programs in Vista, please. I am particularly concerned about windows mail. Selecting VIEW changes the text size, but not the icon size.

I have chenged the icon size on the desktop OK.

Thanks for any help with this.

  anniesboy 14:28 28 Jan 2009

See click here
Look at solution by rick808

  anniesboy 14:31 28 Jan 2009

Sorry that's not worked see post in Helproom 27/1/09 at 15.56, regarding Vista Icons

  sheila.weston 11:44 29 Jan 2009

Yes, I have seen that, which points to ctl panel>'taskbar and start menu' OR to 'change size of on-screen items'. I have changed the size of the icons on the desktop, but it doesn't change the size of the task bars along the top and bottom of the screens.

Perhaps it isn't possible? I *am* gradually getting used to them!

  anniesboy 14:57 29 Jan 2009

The taskbar is at the bottom of the screen, to increase the size , right click in blank area of the taskbar in order to make sure taskbar is not locked uncheck if it is.Click near top of taskbar and drag it up.Then relock taskbar if you want to.

I use Firefox ,I don't think the navigation or toolbars can be increased in size.

  anskyber 14:58 29 Jan 2009

Not sure I know which way you want to go but to change the task bar size right click on the task bar, unlock the task bar.

Hover the cursor over the edge of the task bar until the double arrows show then either pull up or pull down depending on which way you wish to resize. Lock the task bar again.

Note this will not change the size of the icons in the task bar.

  sheila.weston 20:15 31 Jan 2009

Many thanks,both. Yes, I have done that but, as you say, it doesn't increase the size of the icons. I guess that I will just have to live with them!

  march 15:43 19 Feb 2009

try this

rightclick on taskbar, uncheck 'lock the taskbar',

rightclick on taskbar again, look at top of choices that pop up & choose 'view',

select 'large icons'

rightclick taskbar again & check
'lock taskbar'

hope that works for you


  gazzaho 10:28 20 Feb 2009

march are you sure you haven't right clicked the desktop by mistake? When I right click the task bar there is no "View" option.

AS far as I'm aware you've never been able to change the size of the icons in the taskbar only the size of the taskbar itself, there may be third party programs that do it though. Changing the font sizes would change the taskbar button size and hence the the taskbar by a few pixels but the icons would remain the same.

  march 12:29 20 Feb 2009

gazzaho, uncheck the 'lock the taskbar' then rightclick on taskbar again & at the top of the menu is 'view'

  march 12:35 20 Feb 2009

click here

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