Changing from AMD CPU to Intel i5 and Asus motherboard?

  suthy122 11:40 23 Jun 2013

Hello guys, Bascially I am running a AMD FX-4100 and gigabyte motherboard in my current system but will be soon changing to a Intel i5 using a Asus motherboard. My question is how can I go around this without having to completely re install Windows 7? I have heard that it is possible and that it may just be a case of plug and play but I would like a solid answer just to be sure. Im not very experienced with drivers etc so is their a program that I would need to help me remove all old drivers? I presume Windows will automatically recognize the new motherboard and install them itself no?

Thankyou for taking your time to read this

  Jollyjohn 19:35 23 Jun 2013

Save yourself a lot of time and aggravation and do a fresh clean install on the new motherboard. Before you dismantle the old system run File Transfer Wizard and save settings. Back up your data. W7 is pretty good at finding drivers for hardware but may take best part of a day to finish installing updates, be patient, then run transfer wizard to transfer settings to new installation.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:16 24 Jun 2013

It will not work, you will need to do a clean install. Windows 7 will install a lot of drivers for your motherboard not all though.But the Mobo will come with a driver disk which you will use after you have installed Windows 7.

You can then update Windows and copy your personal files into the new setup.

  xania 13:58 24 Jun 2013

I did get away with this recently, having changed from an old Asus to new Gigabyte board, but staying with AMD. I was surprised that the new setup sprang to life immediately and all I had to do was install the sound from the new mb CD. I only did it just to see what would happen, but its been working perfectly now for 2 weeks. However, as implied by the others, you will have a lot of dross still on your HDD and you could suffer performance problems, but if this doesn't bother you, you could get away with it.

  suthy122 18:53 24 Jun 2013

Thankyou for you replys guys! I think the best option is to obviously re install W7 as this will save me alot of hiccups in the future. As Im not too confident in doing the whole procedure myself I am going to get a friend to do it for me, how much would I be expected to pay roughly? UK btw

  suthy122 10:15 25 Jun 2013

Is there a clear tutorial that I could follow guys?

  Chronos the 2nd 10:47 25 Jun 2013

Is this what you are looking for? Install Guide.

  suthy122 12:54 25 Jun 2013

Thank you chronos! What would be the correct steps after installing the motherboard and CPU? Set boot options to cd/drive then just let windows do its thing? Or would I need to remove current motherboard drivers before installing the motherboard?

  Chronos the 2nd 13:08 25 Jun 2013

If you are doing a clean install of Windows 7 then you do not need to uninstall anything. You might like to format your hard-drive before a clean install. Instructions here.

When you have installed Windows and before updating,insert your motherboard disk and install any drivers that Windows 7 did not. That is usually your lan drivers allowing you to get on the internet and maybe the sound drivers as well. But just click on install all as only the ones needed will be installed anyway.

Once your mobo drivers are installed you should be able to update your copy of Windows.

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