changing from 32 to 64 bit

  Taw® 18:18 07 Dec 2009

having recently installed 32bit w7 onto my laptop I was wondering if I can now change it to the 64bit that came with it i.e. a fresh install with 64bit

  a member 18:30 07 Dec 2009

Yes , but if you have activated windows 7 already ,you may (or may not ) have to reactivate it by phone .
but you are definately entitled to use either 32 or 64bit ,as long as you have only one installed at any one time.
that is assuming you have purchased the full version.

  Taw® 18:36 07 Dec 2009

Yes purchased the full version and received both 32 and 64 just assumed my computer wouldn't run the 64 so loaded 32, is there any advanage to me instslling 64?

  a member 19:13 07 Dec 2009

if you have (or intend to install)4gb or more of ram then yes you will see the benefit ,but think about it ,if you want to run some of your (old favorite) programs , you may find some wont work at all in 64bit . although most 32bit programs will run in 64bit without problems, there is no real benefit to having it unless you intend to run 4gb or more RAM and use programs written to utilize the best from 64bit.
the way I understand the microsoft licience agreement ,if you have a full licience you can allways change from one to the other ,it is not tied down to any specific computer ,you are licienced to run 1 installation of 32 or 64bit Windows 7, on any 1 computer you own ,but it can only be one install on one machine at a time .
therefore if you change your PC you can install it on your new PC ,but you must unintall it from the other one and so on.
you will however have to use phone activation if you reinstall a lot .

  john bunyan 12:25 08 Dec 2009

For info , I am running dual boot XP 32 bit and W7 64 bit. I use Photoshop CS4 and want to use 4 Gig RAM. So far the only problem I have encountered on 64 bit is that my Canon MP760 will only scan in WIA mode, not Twain , with less control over scan reolution. Just replacing it with MP 640 which I hope will have 64 bit Twain drivers. If it does will ditch XP and stay with W7 64 bit for extra RAM potential (my motherboard only capable of 4 Gig RAM)

  Taw® 13:50 08 Dec 2009

I currently have 2GB and do not foresee needing to use anymore at this time, quite conservative PC user, internet,emails and shopping etc so do not see me, after studying your input I don't think there is any benefit for me to tinker with a clean install of 64 bit so I will remain with my 32 bit for the present, so thank you

  robin_x 00:04 10 Dec 2009

Could one of you answer me on a related issue pls.

New W7 x64 laptop connects to XP SP3 upstairs with Athlon 64 processor. I have the upgrade pack with both discs for that.

I know the printer doesnt work with x64 and no new drivers around.
Worried about the upstairs modem mmainly, its ancient.
(no drivers after |XP)

If I go for W7 32 bit at first, are my modem and printer likely to be OK?

Have not been able to answer this in spite of many days searching.

  john bunyan 18:25 10 Dec 2009

Suggest you dowload and run the MS Windows 7 compatability utility (google to get MS location). Should cover the printer ,not sure about modem

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