"Capable" and "Premium-Ready" System Requirements

  powerless 20:47 27 Dec 2006

Microsoft has updated them: click here

***Windows Vista Capable***

-modern processor (min. 800MHz)

-512MB system memory

-DirectX 9-capable graphics processor

***Windows Vista Premium-Ready***

-1GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

-1GB system memory

-Support for DirectX 9 graphics w/ WDDM driver; min. 128MB graphics memory; Pixel Shader 2.0; 32 bits-per-pixel

-40GB hard drive with 15GB free space

-DVD-ROM Drive

-Audio output

-Internet access

What do you think of them? I think they are unrealisitc for my computing needs. Memory is probably the one I laugh at, 512MB/1GB is too low for my liking. 2GB RAM min. I say.

Whilst Vista would run on a computer with the above specifications, I doubt anyone would be happy with its performance.

What say you?

  Jimmy14 22:32 27 Dec 2006

There doesn't look like any change there from the specs released a while back. It is actually the same as was put on the windows vista site a good while back on here,
click here

  powerless 23:06 27 Dec 2006

You might want to read my *click here* above ;-)

  pk46 01:31 28 Dec 2006

I would feel safer with W98 than Vista it's already hacked and over priced so in my case i couldn't care less about Vista ready specs.

  pk46 15:08 28 Dec 2006

Sorry for spelling error.

  sunny staines 15:49 28 Dec 2006

I ran the beta rc1/rc2 with 1gb of ram, but noticed it seldom used above 512ram. but was heavy on the processor i had a pent 630 with hyperthreading.

  Jimmy14 16:08 28 Dec 2006

Vista takes far too much spec and it isn't anything overwhelming too. I mean 128Mb dedicated graphics memory for a theme, 1Gb recommended RAM to run vista premium.

  Barrie_G 17:02 29 Dec 2006

I'd have to agree with Jimmy14 above the spec just to run an OS is ridiculous, all I ask from my OS is that it's secure, stable with enough drivers to run my tower without having to install drivers for modems or sound cards XP does this (I'll give it a little lee way on the secure bit;) ) and more, I'm going to be looking at upgrading my PC next year will I bother with Vista, I don't think so.

  Jimmy14 18:12 29 Dec 2006

After having a shot of a macbook and macbook pro I might just move to apple in 2007 especially with them releasing leopard. I'm quite fed up with windows and its security issues. I've also played around with vista pre rc1, RC1 and RC2 but I don't see a major difference in technology with Microsoft spending £10 billion on developing it.

  Input Overload 22:56 29 Dec 2006

I paid £320 for 16 Meg of memory to run Windows 95 10 years ago - I went from 4 Meg that was running Win 3.11. I recently upgraded my Pc to run Vista by increasing my RAM from 1to 2 Gig & upgraded my Graphics card to 256 Meg to run Vista which cost me much less than my upgrade 10 years ago!

  bemuzed 21:21 05 Jan 2007

How come Vista cost $10bn and Linux cost nothing. The only thing Linux misses is drivers, and those aren't written by microsoft, so how come they spent $10bn????

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