Can't upload CVs.

  dyson 16:10 29 Jan 2009

When I try to upload CVs on jobsites it slows up then freezes & I have to press ctrl / alt / delete to get this back to normal. any suggestions will be most welcome.
John S.

  LinH 12:05 31 Jan 2009

Are you ending it in the right format? These websites can be picky at times, try sending it in RTF and see what happens.


  dyson 20:05 31 Jan 2009

I have it saved in word 07 + 97/03 + rich text wich I presume is the same as RTF, I have not had much to do with formats before and am getting a bit confused by it all, and to add to that someone has now advised me to save it as .PDF do you know if there is a website that explains all about these different formats as I am getting bogged down with it all.

  LinH 09:44 02 Feb 2009

It can get confusing but generally speaking most websites that require you to send documentation will accept RTF type documents.

The 97, 03 and 07 formats are all Microsoft Office DOC types, again acceptable, specially the 97 version which a lot of companies still use.

PDF is Portable Document Format and is mainly used for large documents i.e. manuals etc. Others may disagree but I don't think many job seeking websites use PDF as it requires additional software.

Usually the relevant website will tell you what format to use so follow their advice and it should be ok.

Just a thought, are you sending photographs as part of the CV? If so, are they in JPEG format because if not they can take ages to upload. If they are in the Bitmap format convert them to JPEG and try again.


  dyson 17:08 02 Feb 2009

Hi Lin,
My C.V. is all on one page and there are no pictures in it, but for some unknown reason it gets so far then freezes, I have had trouble with my computer before and it says flash player is to blame, I am now wondering if flash player could be the problem with not being able to upload my C.Vs. even though I dont have a problem sending them be Email, I uninstalled flash player then put it back on but it still says it is to blame for the problems.
John S.

  LinH 18:18 02 Feb 2009

It's probably the website not interacting with the Flash player that's causing a problem. That's why you can send your CV via email without any issues, it does not involve Flash media. Have you the latest Flash player update or is the present one corrupted in some way? Update it via the Adobe website and try again.


  dyson 16:59 03 Feb 2009

Thanks for all your help, I have the latest version but I also tried updating it, hoping it might be ok now.
John S.

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