Can't rename folders

  Kate B 14:58 16 Jun 2007

Pretty much as it says. I get the error message "You need permission to perform this action". I'm the administratore; who else do I need permission from? The cat?

  anskyber 15:06 16 Jun 2007

You could try the cat, the photo suggests the moggi is the boss in your home.

Alternatively you could try re enabling your UAC which I understand can cure the problem.

If that fails, blame the cat.

  Kate B 15:24 16 Jun 2007

The mog thinks she's the boss - that's an important distinction ;-) I'll try re-enabling UAC, thanks, anskyber. Otherwise it's almost certainly the cat's fault - she walks on the keyboard.

  eoinrua 22:05 16 Jun 2007

Are you right-clicking? Of course you are. But a way round it is to log out and log in again (out as eoinrua in my case and back in as eoinrua) and then do the right click thing.

That works when I'm using .exes. Not sure about other circumstances, though.

So, your cat walks on the keyboard. My brother's cat (named Klaus, but better known as B****rd) kills at least three birds a week and opens the fridge to help himself to whatever meagre contents lie therein.

He's a real candidate for You've Been Framed.

  Sethhaniel 11:02 18 Jun 2007

and find the folder there - and try and rename - it seems that once you have been there - you can go back to the original folders and they have become accessible :)

  tobyb121 11:32 18 Jun 2007

If none of this works, right click the folder, go to properties, then under the security tab select your administrator account. If the box saying "full control", in the list below, is no ticked, then click edit and you will then be able to tick the box, and you will have full control over your folder.
If you cannot change the permissions in the edit menu then, click advanced, and then choose the owner tab. Select Administrator from the list and press OK. Then follow the steps above to take control of the folder. Hope this helps, tobyb

  Kate B 12:01 18 Jun 2007

thanks, folks, much appreciated. I'll try those last two things when I'm home tonight.

  Totally-braindead 10:57 19 Jun 2007

I think the most likely explanation is the cat has created a limited account for you and left herself as the administrator, probably when she was lying on the PC.
Talking to the cat will probably not help, pleading and a great deal of begging might help but only if she is in the mood at the time.

Sorry couldn't resist.

Have I not seen a couple of posts in this Forum about the same problem, Vista not letting people rename files? I'm sure I read about this a couple of weeks ago somewhere and it seemed to be a common problem, not just with renaming but also with moving files. I assume the two problems are related.

  Kate B 11:05 19 Jun 2007

T-b, I have a horrible feeling you might be right. Cats are merely biding their time before launching their bid for world domination; and obviously the way to do it is by controlling computers.

  Totally-braindead 13:36 19 Jun 2007

Yes they ruled Egypt in the time of the pharoahs, worshiped as gods and are seeking to get their proper place in society back, and they are getting more modern by learning to control the worlds computers.
People think they sit on top of the PC cabinet because of the warmth don't be fooled! They are watching your every keystroke. They know all your passwords.

Sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory post doesn't it. Never mind.

  Sethhaniel 14:27 19 Jun 2007

Feline friend’s with-out a care,
with their own will they do and dare,
But apt to do what they like best,
the ball of fur curled up at rest.
Feline friends on the prowl,
their antics will never make you scowl,
Stalking their prey across a bridge,
standing guard upon your fridge.

Feline friends are all at play,
when not asleep they'll pass the day,
Finding mischief where ever they go,
a simple attack on your big toe.
Feline friends groomed and preened,
c1eanest cat around by any means,
Sitting there ready on full alert,
waiting for their purr-fect mate.

Feline friends sat upon your lap,
straight in through the 'cat flap',
Give to you their prize possession,
a dead mouse for your inspection.
Feline friends are all alive,
night times here it's out on the tiles,
Now they are in their element,
putting paw prints in the wet cement.

Feline friend’s wide bright eye's,
where's the meat gone from the pie,
Who has scratched the furniture,
meow, meow, is its innocent overture.
Feline friends avoid the rain,
plea for food with their eyes so vain,
Always get their way in the end,
is our truly adorable feline friend.

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